Girls Craft Party  

Daisy turned 8 on Christmas Eve, so some years have been a bit hectic trying to fit in a party before the big day or even once (only once) a party at home on the actual day! This time we waited until after the holidays and had a belated party for her friends in January. 

Daisy is a keen crafter and wanted a small gathering of friends, so with the help of shopping online at Hobbycraft and Sainsbury’s it was a really easy party to organise. 

I ordered 2 (packs of 4) paint your own money boxes, cardboard initials to decorate, washi tapes, assorted gel stickers, a Jewellery making kit and a bumper box of craft.

The girls threw themselves into painting, taping, jewellery making, and it was a lovely big craft mess at the end.

After they had finished crafting they had party food and music before some simple cupcakes. I also ordered from Hobbycraft some paper bags and Melissa&Doug scratch art bookmarks.

Published by

Charlotte Stein

I'm Charlotte, Mummy to 4 crazy free range kids 👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👧‍👦 Family adventurer 🚲🍂🍄baker 🎂 childcare provider 🌻👶🏼 crafting disasters ✂️ and now blogger 💻 Believer that kids should be kids and get outside and explore nature🐛 🐚

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