Celebrations/ Seasonal

Gruffalo Party 

When Daisy turned 6 we celebrated her Birthday on Christmas Eve at home with some of our neighbours and friends from her class. Daisy was very much into the Gruffalo and asked for a gruffalo costume and other merchandise. So we threw a gruffalo themed party with a few handmade items thrown in. We made use of our new glue gun and made gruffalo themed sock puppets for party bags, a gruffalo chocolate cake and linked the party food to the story for example – popcorn -scrambled snake 🐍

For party activities they had gruffalo play dough  (basic homemade play dough with added cocoa powder) we put out craft items such as matchsticks, feathers, Pom poms, google eyes etc to make gruffalo themed masterpieces. I will pop on the blog my favourite play dough recipe under our preschool indoor activities.

We also had gruffalo shaped biscuits to decorate (basic biscuit recipe with gruffalo cookie cutter) Lastly Dougie decorated a large cardboard box as a log-pile house and put holes in the box and filled it with feathers, sticks, toy snakes and also sweets so it was a secret surprise box! (Different take on a piñata!) This was very popular! Lastly we played musical statutes and pass the parcel.

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