Update on Family Reading 

After really enjoying our 1st blog post on what our family is reading we decided to do a quick follow up video on our purchases from Waterstones. The kids all had a book voucher and we took them in store to choose a book and also a book for the whole family to enjoy. 

It was, I’m not going to lie, slightly stressful taking 4 children to a book shop as there is lots to look at and lots of pocket money toys to distract from the book buying! Teddy ran around with a ball and a dinosaur most of the time so we chose for him! 

Published by

Charlotte Stein

I'm Charlotte, Mummy to 4 crazy free range kids 👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👧‍👦 Family adventurer 🚲🍂🍄baker 🎂 childcare provider 🌻👶🏼 crafting disasters ✂️ and now blogger 💻 Believer that kids should be kids and get outside and explore nature🐛 🐚

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