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Weaning – The Baby Led Way!

I have written a little about starting out on our early days of weaning when I first started our blog.

As my confidence has grown, weaning the baby led way for the 2nd time with our 4th baby, it occurred to me that I really need to document how we’ve got on with it all! 

I was very keen to crack weaning with finger foods and just had to persuade my husband from picking up the spoon and helping her. After a few weeks he soon got the hang of it all and started to see how capable Florence was with self feeding. I was then just left with well meaning relatives who needed a reminder that the food was on her tray for her to grasp herself.

So with a bit more baby led knowledge under my belt I thought it time to share my thoughts on our YouTube channel on how to know when your baby is ready to be weaned in this method. I was a little overwhelmed at first, as giving a baby finger foods can be a little daunting to be honest!
I will be posting very soon on our top 10 finger foods for baby Led Weaning.

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