A Weekly News Update

It didn’t go to plan….

Living Arrows 2018 (7/53)

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran

I’m running behind with my blog this week as I’m still playing catch up from last week, plus it’s always hard juggling blogging with half term. Last week wasn’t our finest, and I wanted to document these times, as it’s real family life.   Wednesday was promising with two positive parents evenings, Daisy and Teddy are starting to settle in at their new school and nursery.

I also took the two littles to a toddler group which was the most efficiently run toddler group I have ever come across!  It’s inspired me to write all about my toddler group experiences over the past 11 years (yes I have plenty of tales).  I am planning on returning weekly with Florence, as her enjoyment at socialising there sold it to me, plus I’m bored of trying out new groups already!  Then the week turned on us, when Daisy came home complaining of stomach ache and yes an hour later I felt odd as well.  By kids 7pm bedtime there were four of us man-down. Dougie had the job of cleaning up the kids whilst I suffered in bed and I was so thankful that he was here that night. The bug travelled through us all and left us with no energy for days.   Our home has been bleached, wiped, our hands washed and repeat! I don’t know what It is about February but for us it always brings tummy aches every year!

By Sunday we were clear and healthy enough to blow the cobwebs away at Beningborough Hall and celebrate Grandma’s Birthday. We were very grateful to feel better ready for the holidays and Florence was so excited to get out the pushchair and explore, snotty nose and all!

Living Arrows

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