It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas as the John Lewis advert has been aired

November 16, 2018

Yesterday marked the release of the much anticipated and aways hyped-up release of the John Lewis advert!

Whether you’re on board or not with the various brands competing for the much talked about Christmas commercial, you can’t deny that they really do mark the start of getting Christmas-ready and feeling that festive spirit.

To me it all seemed to start with John Lewis back in 2011, when they produced their first ever advert that really had the whole story format that they’ve become renowned for each year. Their adverts tell a story, complete with a moving melody and some form of childhood nostalgia to get that tear from you. To me, their adverts sum up the essence of my own childhood Christmas memories, and how as an adult you then view Christmas through a child’s eyes.

The first advert that kicked off this tradition was  ‘The Long Wait’ featuring a young boy, that ended in a thoughtful kind message for his parents on Christmas Day. A beautiful sentiment with moving music set by Slow Moving Millie’s cover of “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” by The Smiths.

The popularity of this advert really stuck for the department store and so a tradition was born.  Two years later came the advert that twitter seems to still herald as the best of the bunch.  The Bear and the Hare, so moving that Finlay when he was much younger always got emotional when he watched it. It’s an enchanting animated tale which tells the story of a bear who has never seen Christmas so his animal friends buy him an alarm clock so he can wake up from hibernation just for the day. The music is sung by Lily Allen in a cover of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know. I do think that this one is probably the most memorable of all their adverts and a firm favourite of mine. And so not just content with a bear and a hare, we have seen Monty the penguin, Buster the Boxer, animated snowmen and now this year’s much impatiently awaited story of Elton John and his piano. A more showbiz take on their usual adverts but none the less a beautiful story that still brought those predictable tears to my eyes.   Just hearing Sir Elton John’s voice playing, knowing it was the advert gave me all the feels and then to see a story play out to me that I can relate to, brought me all the feels.

I have my own piano story from childhood to adulthood, one that saw me unexpectedly come across my old piano, and now having it back in my own family home and watching it played by my own son, just made this advert very special to me, and is now one of my top favourite Christmas John Lewis adverts. Which one is your favourite?

So just in case you’ve been hiding out somewhere remote or you don’t have access to UK television, then here is the 2018 John Lewis Christmas advert. P.S grab a nice cuppa and then sit down, watch and enjoy.

John Lewis 2018 Video

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