Autumn Pinterest Inspiration

October 17, 2017

Autumn is definitely upon us and as always I’m full of craft and baking ideas. I just need to hurry up and get creating them myself, and the kids, before Autumn turns into Christmas as I think its ok to mention the ‘C’ word now!

My Pinterest board

On my board are a few sensory and painting ideas inspired by Pinterest which we attempted earlier in the month. On these pins we have included pictures of our creations as well as YouTube videos on how we went about them, so it would be lovely to hear any comments either on the video or the blog on how you get on if you attempt any of these activities. We found the conker worms a real help to inspire us to make our own conker stringed creation to enable our baby Florence to (safely under supervision) explore conkers without putting them whole in her mouth.  We used this conker circle in our own autumnal sensory tray.                                                                                                              Im really keen to get baking as recently I haven’t had the time to get creating new recipes in the kitchen, so I’m hoping to bake with apples as I have a real craving for autumnal sweet apple bakes at the moment, and I find loaf cakes are the speediest cakes for me to produce at the moment. Another quick easy recipe is the hedgehog bread. I have never been brilliant at baking bread however I think that this simple recipe should surely be an easy winner to eat with a hearty bowl of soup.   I will let you know how I fair trying out these recipes. Please do share with me in the comments or by email what your favourite Autumn crafts/bakes and Pinterest plans are, so I can gather more seasonal inspiration.

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