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October 8, 2019

A book shelf and plant with kids books on
We love seasonal reading and often find that books with an Autumn theme usually are beautifully illustrated and so I sometimes find that they have to sneak into our kids’ bookshelves! This post is a mixture of books that we have loved for a while, sourced ourselves recently or I have chosen them to review on a gifted basis. I have added a * to those gifted ones.

A kids book on the shelf

Look and Find in the Forest – Usborne Books

This is one of those beautifully illustrated books I mentioned, strictly not just Autumnal but the forest and woodland creatures are perfect for this time of year. With lots of prompts to look and find this is a great spotting book, some of which took me and my little one a while to spot.  There are plenty of forest habitats to spot in and we find doing a few a night plenty for our bedtime stories and a great way to spend some quality time together.

A hedgehog kids book

Say Hi to Hedgehogs- Nature Storybooks – Jane McGuiness

This is our latest purchase for our bookshelf that Florence and I chose together with her birthday money.  Teddy and Flo were both gripped by this book and I also learnt some new facts about hedgehogs too!   I love that the book is packed full of facts that are shared in a story format instead of a reference style for a change.  Again beautifully illustrated especially the nighttime scenes and the map that shows you just how much ground a hedgehog can over in one night is pretty impressive!  A must read for little wildlife and hedgehog fans!

a toddler squirrel book

That’s not my Squirrel – Usborne Books

I’m sure you’re familiar with the ‘That’s not my…’ range as there are plenty to collect.  We loved sharing this one with Florence and also letting her 6 year old brother Teddy read it to her, as he’s been looking at these style of stories on a school topic in Year One.  These books are great at exploring sensory and language and they love to turn the pages and discover the next different texture.

Love you Always hedgehog book

*Love you Always -Frances Stickley & Miggy Blanco- Nosy Crow

For us this is a similar format to the much loved ‘Guess how much I love you’ tale.  Although I feel it explores little emotions further by examining that everything is changing around little Hoglet.  He wonders if his mummy would love him more if he also changed and so on an Autumn explore the readers get to hear how him and his mummy feel about these changes.  We love sharing a heart warming bedtime story and this certainly builds on their awareness for empathy and emotions. It’s also jam packed full of toadstools, leaves and fauna and so that is another reason why it is included in our seasonal round up.

An out and about poem book for kids

Out and About – A first book of poems  – Shirley Hughes

This book is currently one of my favourites to read. A book of poems about every season. We’re big fans of being outdoors in all weather playing in mud, rain, snow and sand.  It sums up the simple essence of childhood in poems for young listeners and readers.  We have been sharing the Autumn poems together and look forward to bringing this book out for the change of each season, hopefully for a few more years yet to come.

a book about Squirrels

*Nuts Lou Peacock & Yasmeen Ismail 

We thought this a lovely book to share with our little one just as she starts at nursery. Two quarrelsome squirrels have to learn how to share all the nuts they’re gathering ready for Winter.  Will they learn?  We loved the quirky illustrations with big expressions on the wildlife on each page.

An Autumn story book for kids

Autumn Story – Brambly Hedge – Jill Barkley

No Autumn books round up is complete without a favourite classic of mine.  I reviewed this story in last year’s Autumn and Halloween Book round up and so you can read my review here as well as get further Autumnal and Halloween inspiration. 

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