Daddy’s Peanut Butter Flapjack Recipie

I love a bit of flapjack, and I love peanut butter, so here’s the best of both worlds! 


50g butter

50g brown sugar

Tablespoon each of honey, syrup, peanut butter & milk

250g porridge oats


Melt everything except the oats in a saucepan until fully mixed. Add the oats & mix thoroughly (add gradually as you may need a little more or a little less depending on how accurate your measurements are!). Spread into a lined 20cm square baking tin and press firmly into place. Bake on middle shelf on gas mark 4 (180 degrees) for approx 25 mins. Remove from oven & cool a little before removing from tin. Cool fully on a wire rack & cut into slices. Enjoy with a cuppa, or warmed at dinner time with ice cream for the kids. Enjoy!

Easter Weekend Food Plans 

For anyone mulling over Easter food plans as it’s Maundy Thursday, here is what’s on the menu in Chez Stein over the Easter weekend. 

Kids creations – Today myself and the kids are attempting our 3rd year in a row of making hot cross buns for Friday, and also hoping on Easter Sunday (in between hunting for eggs!) to recreate a recipe found on Pinterest of an Easter bunny made out of pancakes đŸ„ž; wish me luck!

Good Friday Dinner will consist of a salmon dish found on Pinterest and the kids will have some fish finger sandwiches and healthy cruditĂ©s for ease as it’s swimming lesson day.

On Saturday I’m following a Mexican burrito recipe found on Pinterest with some avocado salsa. I will adapt the bean mix to be suitably mild for the children to want to eat also. 

We have family over on the Sunday, so I just wanted to share with you what we will be serving up for the 9 of us. 

Lamb Casserole – From Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills website. Mashed potato, Roast potatoes and spring greens (James Martin on good food website)  with extra peas for the kids. 

For the kids I’m making a chocolate cake I found on Pinterest. I will be using my own chocolate  sponge cake recipe (I have plans to share more of my go to baking recipes very soon!), and then I will be following the design of the bird nestcake on Pinterest and so mine will probably resemble road kill! How lovely is the blue duck egg cake on my board, I would love to make this as it’s so pretty, however my children will appreciate the chocolate one more! 

For the adults dessert I will provide fruit and cream and also be cheating as one of the guests is providing the dessert. Cheese and biscuits will also be on the menu. 

Here is my menu of all of the above on my Pinterest board

I thought you’d like this board on Pinterest… 

Happy Easter!