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Decorating for Easter on a Budget!

I have mentioned it before, I love a theme / celebration.  Easter to me is perfect as it’s like Christmas without all the stress of purchasing numerous presents and doesn’t lead to a dent in your bank account! A long weekend of eating and drinking, seeing family and hopefully a few brighter spring days is a winner in my eyes. Continue reading “Decorating for Easter on a Budget!”

Crafting, Parenting, Preschool and Toddler Age

Autumn Pinterest Inspiration

Autumn is definitely upon us and as always I’m full of craft and baking ideas. I just need to hurry up and get creating them myself, and the kids, before Autumn turns into Christmas as I think its ok to mention the ‘C’ word now! Continue reading “Autumn Pinterest Inspiration”

Crafting, Parenting, Preschool and Toddler Age

Autumn Painting Ideas!


October is such a beautiful month for colours, so I’m trying to inspire our 4 year old to come away from finding an electronic device in the house and instead pick up a paintbrush. Here’s what we came up with! Continue reading “Autumn Painting Ideas!”