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Hi I'm Charlotte, a Yorkshire Mummy of 4 Children ranging from teens to littles. I'm very passionate about sharing our outnumbered family life through our love of exploring the outdoors, learning through play activities and my desire for an organised and homely lifestyle. I love nothing more than a cup of coffee whilst planning our next adventure, seasonal activity or home and lifestyle project.

How to be Organised in February

February 1, 2019

For my family ‘How to be Organised’ posts, I can’t help but add in a few celebrations, as I have mentioned before I love a theme and a celebration! So How to be organised in February is no different!  It’s the ex-childminder in me.  It also makes for a more fun outlook on life and takes away from some of the mundane Winter months. S…

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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

January 31, 2019

February in my opinion is not a very exciting month of the year as following from January we’re still tightening our money belts, the weather can be bitterly cold, and it’s a bit of an in-between kinda month.  So anything to keep us all cheerful is very welcome indeed. This is why I came up with some lovely and simple Valentine’s Day ideas for kids.…

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Heart Bird Feeder~ Easy DIY Bird Feeders for Kids to Make

January 30, 2019

With snow on the way here in the UK, it got us thinking about how the garden birds that are still braving the British climate would be struggling to source food. So with that in mind we decided to help them and make some more bird food.  As it’s also Valentine’s Day shortly we also decided to make the feeders heart shaped, to show the…

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Homemade Tortilla pizza Recipe for Kids

 Nearly every Friday night our little ones request a homemade tortilla pizza dinner.  Over the years we’ve had so many different kinds of pizza from thin to deep pan, shop bought, to take away pizza and also various home-made pizzas on our table.  The best pizzas for us are quite simply these quick and delicious homemade tortilla pizzas, as they’re thin and crispy, healthier and…

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Living Arrows 4/52 ~Team Stein

January 28, 2019

4/ 52 Living Arrows “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran I hate to have a little whinge, as I’m sure no one really wants to hear my moanings.  But I’m going to, as every week isn’t going to go by swimmingly! We have all taken it in turns to be out of sorts, meaning that 4…

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Family and Personal Goals for 2019

January 22, 2019

With such a busy run up to Christmas and New Year and then getting the kids organised and back into routine it has taken a while for me to sit and have the time to reflect on what I would like to try and achieve for our family, myself and my blog in 2019.  I know there is a lot of discussion these days about…

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