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Hi I'm Charlotte, a Yorkshire Mummy of 4 Children ranging from teens to littles. I'm very passionate about sharing our outnumbered family life through our love of exploring the outdoors, learning through play activities and my desire for an organised and homely lifestyle. I love nothing more than a cup of coffee whilst planning our next adventure, seasonal activity or home and lifestyle project.

Keep Calm & Carry On Parenting (Holiday Edition!).

July 19, 2018

Lets just start this post by being ‘real’ and ‘honest’, I do lose my patience, shout and throw the odd meltdown moment in our house.  I’m only human, and we don’t live in a happy Instagram life all of the time! Our kids do get crabby, tired, argumentative and sometimes bored in the holidays.…

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A week of school memories

July 16, 2018

Last week brought back some memories for us. Teddy had a pirate themed settling in day at Reception with his school nursery class. We realised on the school field that we’ve had pirate themed days in Germany and in Aldershot with Fin and Daisy. I searched through old uploads on Facebook and da-da here is my montage of my swashbucklers! Teddy soaked up the atmosphere…

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Family of 6 Menu Planning

July 14, 2018

  July 2108   I quite often trawl Pinterest and blogs for meal ideas and menu planning inspiration.  So with that in mind I thought to myself why don’t I share my own plans and ideas on here – so that my friends is what I plan to do.  I would love for you to share any of your own recipe and meal plan ideas…

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Yorkshire Lavender and the Rolling Pin Bakery

July 12, 2018

Living Arrows 2018 (28/53) “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran After a few hot school playground activities  during the week, including Teddy’s last nursery sports day, we decided to try and take the weekend easier as we’re all getting end of term tiredness now. So at the weekend we went up into the Howardian Hills after…

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Our Swimming Essential this Summer- Aquaplane Review

The countdown is officially on for our summer holiday in Devon.  One thing for sure is that we plan to swim as much as we can whilst there. We plan to swim outside in the sea and outdoor pool as much as possible and with an indoor pool for cloudy holiday days we will still be getting in two swims a day.  For us swimming…

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Easy Activities To Do With Kids This Summer!

July 10, 2018

With now only 3 weeks to go before the end of another school year, it’s time to start a plan for the 6 weeks.  Whether you’re a plan ahead person or a spontaneous live for the moment kind of planner, this activity list caters for either type and from either at home or away. I hope to tick of most, if not all of these…

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