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April 17, 2020

We’re currently in the middle of social distancing / lockdown here in the UK. I’m now cooking, cleaning, working on my blog and having to homeschool 4 children! This is a lot of hats to have to wear and as my husband is a key worker I need some help so we can still have fun in our days.

A girl doing chores - hoovering they stairs

I wrote a post last year about wanting my kids to step up to the plate by doing more chores. Updating my daily chore chart has been in my mind for a while now.

Role modelling

We really wanted a system that would encourage all four of our children to do chores. Younger children can hit so many learning and development milestones by helping out in the home. Don’t feel guilty if you’re having a busy laundry day, include your little helper then they’re learning from you. I also wanted them to encourage some good sibling role model behaviour by introducing set chores. I’ve detailed a list of chores for 4 different age groups. We have a child in each age category so this made it easier for me to decide which ones were appropriate to each age.

Earn as you Learn

We’ve been trialling some of these chores for a few months now. This particular list has definitely helped the day to day running of our home. We really wanted our older two children to ‘earn as they learn’. They both have some trips coming up in the near future that they need to contribute to. I know some families like to assign chores to pocket money and some families do not, so I haven’t included any pocket money information on them.

Printable Downloads

daily chores for kids poster

I have placed a free printable downloads link for my generic daily chores for kids poster and my lockdown chore list poster. The first poster is for normal everyday life when we’re not in lockdown / social distancing as we will be carrying on with their expected chores after this period.

Daily chores for kids chart

The current chores list for lockdown time has a few alterations. I have removed packed lunch chores as they’re not at school and unpacking shopping. You may not want them touching shopping at this time!

I do hope that you find my daily chores for kids charts helpful in getting some teamwork into your home.

Printable Chore Chart – Everyday use

Printable Chore Chart – Lockdown use

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