About us 

Welcome to Team Stein.

Team Stein Mummy blogger smiling at the cameraHi, I’m Charlotte, a graduate sometimes working (when not on maternity leave) stay at home Mummy. I love coffee, online shopping, baking, craft disasters, exploring the countryside & nature and I’m also dreaming of the day I get to go to the spa and read a book (maybe settle for 5 minutes of peace in the loo instead!)
I’m in charge of a crazy, ridiculously lively annoying bunch of mini people created by myself and my slightly grumpy but outdoor loving husband Dougie

Team Stein Daddy sat on a swing with a baby


Dougie through his job has kindly taken us on location adventures (occasionally kicking and screaming) around the UK and even to a remote area next to a famous concentration camp in Germany! We pack up and unpack our lives every few years and embrace the local community, make lifelong friends and hammer our family pictures into crumbling military walls.

My crazy free range (occasional weapon wielding) bunch include

A young boy climbing a wall


Finlay aged 11, an enthusiastic, arty, silly, lively Boy Scout who is usually up a tree and whooping for attention like a crazy miniature Bear Grylls,

A young girl holding a stick up with her boots hanging off


Daisy aged 8 is a short wearing, muddy, uncouth, chocolate obsessed, pink hater, tiny gymnast, Cub Scout, who is funny and wise for her little 8 years.

Team Stein about us with a young boy smiling for a photo


Teddy, 3 is an unpredictable weapon wielding , balance bike speed demon, antisocial yelling threenager, who is super affectionate, demanding but also a curly headed bundle of cuteness with a wicked sense of humour.

Team Stein blogger baby


Florence is yet to show us what she’s made of, but is our milk guzzling, sleep thief and is quite simply our lovely newest addition of which we all dote on (even the weapon wielding 3 year old)
After months of sitting down resting my large pregnant body and hours spent nursing Florence I have discovered an online community that made me feel a sense of belonging. The honest reality of parenthood that I’m not alone with tears of guilt; “Mummy the tooth fairy never visited”, they have only eaten sweetcorn on a pizza to acknowledge their ‘ 5 a day’, We forgot to collect the school Guinea pig, “Mummy my splinter has been there for 3 days”, a birthday chewbacca cake looks like a mangy Alsatian and a nativity costume isn’t from Tesco so it’s unraveling on stage because I’m proving to myself that I can wonder web and make it look like sewing whilst running myself into a Christmas meltdown!
And so I have taken from this friendly online parent community that my Mummy guilt has turned into tears of laughter as I read and hear about other families escapades and their parental highs and lows with great digital photos to prove it.
I’m hoping to join this online parent movement and admit to saying it’s ok to ‘mess up’ along the way but also share with others are latest Pinterest baking/craft disasters, or hear about our family outdoor adventures and some of my little bit of ‘Mummy wisdom’ for other parents on this crazy journey and so gaining and all sharing new ideas and ways of enjoying and making this parental rollercoaster even more fun!

Love Charlotte xx

Mummy of Team Stein (aka ‘the long haired General’)
Please be kind on this site as we’re all learning and this is a new chapter in my life also.