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September 27, 2018

I’m having all the Autumn feels right now; the leaves are turning, the conkers are piling up in the house, making the switch to comforting food like cottage pie, requests for hot chocolate from the kids, all the best tv dramas returning, the winter duvet and throws are back out and the darker nights are drawing in.   I’m trying to get my house and life more organised now the kids are all back to routine and so I have been trying (for a change) to think ahead.  So I searched for a couple of new bargains for some new Autumnal and Halloween reads for the kids.

So first up, is one of the most Autumnal activity books that Teddy chose with his birthday Waterstones voucher .

The Gruffalo Autumn and Winter Nature Trail – two books in one, full of berries, trees and signs of Autumn to spot.  Pages of achievable art and craft ideas complete with pages of really cute stickers for spotting etc.

Brambly Hedge -Autumn Story – A reminder of my childhood reads, the beautifully illustrated Brambly Hedge series. Tales of families of mice who have made their homes in the trees and hedgerows.  For me as a child these books were easier and more enjoyable to read than Beatrix Potter.  I have really loved sharing them with my children.

Room on the Broom – I’m sure you’re all familiar with Julia Donaldson. This is a good old Julia Donaldson favourite with great rhyming verse for children to listen to and/or try to read along.  It always makes me smile and gets me in the mood for Halloween.

Meg and Mog – A book all about a witch’s daily routine to share with toddlers.  An old school favourite that I can’t wait to share with Teddy and Florence.

Funnybones – as it says, a brilliant bone rattling collection!

“On a dark dark hill, there is a dark dark town, in the dark dark town there is a dark dark street, down the dark dark street there is a ….. Do you remember these spooky skeleton family tales?   This is a hilarious collection of stories for young children.

Trick or Treat – An interactive black and white book all about a brother and sister who go trick or treating.  Comes with a tiny UV torch that fits in the book to shine on the pages and reveal hidden pictures. One for all the kids to enjoy!

I hope that this gives you some inspiration for sharing some seasonal books with your children and maybe even remembering some old favourites to bring out and read.  For reference I invested in the halloween books from The Book People at a really affordable price.

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3 responses to “Autumnal Kids Books”

  1. Oh we don’t have a copy of funnybones! Off to correct that…..!
    Thanks for linking to #CoolMumClub

  2. Ahhhh love Room on The Broom and Funny Bones I must dig ours out! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub Charlotte! x

  3. We have all but one of these. I’ll be on the look out for it now though. #CoolMumClub

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