Kooties Coveralls Review ~ Play Dirty and Stay Clean

July 16, 2019

*Gifted Product Review*

Two children sat down laughing at each other wearing play overalls Kooties really caught my eye for a few reasons; environmental, practical, and fun. So I was keen to find out more about the product and for Teddy and Flo to put them to the test. First off here is some background into Kooties. The vision of these coveralls comes from a busy active family of 5 who had a desire to reduce their family’s wash load. So Kooties was born. What I love about this brand is they have managed to incorporate so many important factors for me as a parent into their product, whilst not impacting on the fun learning through play appeal for children. So here are our thoughts on the play overalls.

two children sat on a bench What we love about Kooties

Points to note

You can’t wash the coveralls in the washing machine so to keep them clean you just use a damp cloth.

How long they last will depend on how much they use them and how much they’re put through the test! Ours so far are doing well and so I will keep you posted on this.

two children paying with sand and waterKooties really have put such a lot of thought into this product and I’m really impressed with how they’ve designed a product that ticks parents’ and children’s needs. I think these coveralls are a great addition to our outdoorsy family and also would be a great addition to me from a childcare point of view and would have definitely put these to good use when I was a childminder.

two children playing in a sand tableI wrote this open and honest review in exchange for the product and because the company was a really good fit for my family ethos.  Please do check out their website here.

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