Meal Planning October

October 10, 2018


So I’m a little late again sharing my meal plans! For some reason my weekly meal plan that I jot down on my phone, just doesn’t seem to make it on here quickly enough!  So to make up for it, I have included this week’s and next all rolled into one.  I will then share the following week with half term’s meal plan, hopefully! Currently my meal planning inspiration is coming from My Fussy Eater,  The Organised Mum, Pinterest and my own bank of meals.  I have as always included my ever growing Pinterest board of meal plan recipes for inspiration.  So let’s tuck in!



Salmon nuggets (My Fussy Eater), Jacket potatoes and salad with hummus

Beef, Broccoli and Rice – My Fussy Eater

Macaroni cheese with hidden vegetables- My Fussy Eater

Meatball Bake and Mashed potatoes

Pizza with ready made dough – Cheat Meal- plus homemade coleslaw and salad

Chicken Pot Pie with vegetables

Tomato and sweet potato soup

Quorn nuggets with wraps, salad and Hummus

Aubergine Lasagne – Jamie Oliver recipe

Salmon nuggets Mash and Peas

Spanish Omelette (using previous day’s boiled potatoes before mashed) peas and sweetcorn with potato wedges.

Sausage and tomato one pot meal with butter beans and crusty bread

Fish Finger Sandwiches, crudités and dips

Lentil Bolognaise

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