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July 27, 2017

Florence has just sprouted tooth number 2!
You would think that I would have been prepared for a teething baby as she’s my fourth but with each baby it just kind of takes you by surprise each time how much trouble these pesky teeth can give them and you! Florence made us wait 9 months for her first tooth which appeared two weeks ago. Since she was about 5 months old we have been expecting this tooth to arrive, after several interrupted night’s sleep and endless dribbling and even gnawing on coffee tables. I know from experience that the teeth shifting under the gums before they appear can be for some babies the period where they’re the most unsettled and grizzly. I have this time around been prepared to keep our gummy baby happy and chilled in this unsettled time.
Here is what is working for us-

Fruit Ice Lollys – I blitz up fruit or fruit and Greek yoghurt and pour it into a baby ice lolly maker – perfectly designed for little hands to use. I got my lolly maker from Amazon and it cost me about £5! 

I also freeze fromage frais tubes as she loves these too!

Teething Toys – Florence got sent two lovely teethers from Mombella,invented by a dental hygienist mum they’re designed to be a great teething aid, tooth brush and fun toy in one. For mummy peace of mind they’re FDA approved, food grade Silicone approved, lead free, BPA free and phthalates free.

They are safely designed and it stimulates babies gums. A great feature is you can pop them in the fridge or freezer for a cooler teether, and they can be cleaned in a steriliser or dishwasher! As you can see Florence has taken to her Toys nicely!

Teething necklaces – I have loved being able to wear a necklace and not worry that small parts can be broken whilst nursing a baby. These are designed with safety clips and Florence loves gnawing on these, I barely have a day where I’m not wearing one! I have also had other friends’ babies want to grab and chew them also. This necklace by TinyTigers on Etsy and this silicone beaded necklace is fridge and dishwasher safe , BPA free and FDA compliant. I do however have to point out that obviously these are not a toy for under 3s and should only be used under close supervision.

Teething sachets and Teething gel-

I find the herbal chamomile teething sachets are really effective and seem to help to avoid going down the calpol route. Teething gel is a quicker immediate fix but doesn’t seem to last as long as the sachets.
I was sent the Mombella products and TinyTigers teething necklace for free to review. These are all my own thoughts and this is an honest review of the products.

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