20 Family Goals for 2020

January 16, 2020

20 family goals for 2020 pinterest poster I always seem to be a few weeks into January before I can set mine and our family’s goals for the coming year. Having a large family home life just means I need a bit of time after Christmas to get us all organised and refocused for the coming year.  Then and only then can I have a clear head to reflect and look forward.  Last year I did a goals post instead of setting personal New Years resolutions, I just prefer it this way.  So this year is the same apart from I have added 20 family goals for 2020!

This time around I haven’t gone into detail on what I exactly want from each of the goals.  Mainly because I can keep them open for change throughout the year, rather than being too proscriptive.   I will though like last year do a reflection post on how the whole family got on achieving each goal.  I think this is a helpful thing to do, to see how far you’ve all come on in a year but also helpful for anyone looking for inspiration on family goals. I also found it helpful to see that not every goal works out or can be achievable, yet there are plenty of areas we are growing in.   I’m hoping that 20 family goals for 2020 is around about the right amount of goals to keep in mind and I’m already making a start at achieving some of them in the past week or so.  I find the New Year and the new school year are always a good time to have areas in life to aim towards and alter a little.  Anyway I would love to hear if you have also set any goals for 2020 at all?

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