A heatwave and Sunflower field in Yorkshire with Living Arrows 33-52

August 17, 2020

We returned home from holiday to a heatwave in York which was just perfect for drying at least 16 loads of washing on the line. It hasn’t been all washing and unpacking this week as we found a sunflower field in Yorkshire and had family over for a bbq in the garden.

Heatwave in York with a paddling pool and a  washing line

It was a wise move to fill up the pool on our first day back from holidays so we had somewhere for the kids to entertain themselves whilst we packed away the camping stuff and saw to our garden. Dougie and I also got in for a few dips with the kids as it was sweltering at the start of the week. The kind of weather I dream about having up North. This photo of Daisy in the pool with a full washing line behind her sums up our first part of the week.

I was pleased to hear about a sunflower field in Yorkshire as this was the first one I have come across locally.

Sunflower field in Yorkshire  with a Mum and 2 girls smiling

It ended up being a nice hour spent in the farmers field picking sunflowers with the kids and spotting lots of farm traffic from the corn field. We went over lunch so it was nice and quiet and even managed to give them a quick picnic lunch on the hay bale whilst we were there. I love sunflowers and this visit really filled me with joy so expect a few sunflowers over on my Instagram grid!

Sunflower field in York with 3 children  on a hay bale

This picture really made us chuckle as it sums up Florence’s cheeky side at the moment. Teddy doesn’t look sure if he’s getting a kiss or a punch from her! For anyone local to York the Sunflower field is in the village of Sutton-on-the Forest. The PYO sunflowers are £5 for 6 stems. There is an honesty box and a tub of secateurs complete with hand sanitiser spray.

We ended our week of Dougie’s last few days off with a small family bbq in the garden and a lovely Sunday walk around Yearsley Woods in the Howardian Hills.

Small girl smiling with a nature boat of leaves and twigs
Living Arrows

3 responses to “A heatwave and Sunflower field in Yorkshire with Living Arrows 33-52”

  1. Sounds like a lovely week. I love the idea of visiting a sunflower farm!

    Katrina x

  2. Donna says:

    That sunflower field looks fantastic – what a great find! x

  3. Sarah says:

    It sounds like you had a great week, and it was definitely great weather for drying washing!

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