Easter Arts and Crafts

March 18, 2020

We absolutely love Easter arts and crafts in our house! We love that the craft can be themed in a few ways to learn all about Spring, nature and Easter. Think pastel colours, colourful farmyard paintings, nature pictures and Easter egg designs. These arts and crafts can help children learn about the Easter story, the changing of the seasons and animals being born all whilst being creative.

In this post I have put together some painting ideas for all ages from littles to primary school children. One art activity is a fab science experiment that older children will enjoy creating. This post isn’t just about painting. I have added in some craft ideas to save you all when they’re getting bored but you don’t want to get the paints out!

Easter Arts and Crafts Resources

With some simple resources that you possibly will already have in your home your littles can create their own Springtime masterpieces.

Easter Art

Fork Painting

Easter arts and crafts flowers

Using paints and a fork your little ones can produce tulip style flower prints. Simply add in some green stems for a bunch of flowers. You can also draw an egg shape and let them place fork prints all over the egg.

Make an effective yellow feathery chick by again using a fork. The editing of google eyes, beak and legs create a cute farmyard chick.

Easter arts and crafts with an Easter chick

Pom Poms and Cotton buds

Pom poms and paint

Use pegs to pinch the pom poms to make them easier to use for little fingers. They can simply dab the pom poms over egg shapes or use them to make grassy scenes (which you can see in the potato masher picture below ).

Easter egg painting

To finely decorate an egg older ones may like to use cotton buds to decorate their egg designs.

Potato Masher

An Easter egg painting

Pouring your paints out onto a plate makes this activity easier. Then simply place the masher in your chosen coloured paint and then make a print on the paper. We used the pom pom painting technique and green paint for the grass.

Salt Painting

Easter Arts and crafts with a decorated egg

This is one for older kids as it uses salt. We used Hobbycraft school glue and I have heard that Elmer’s glue is also good for this science painting experiment.

Easter arts and crafts with a bunny picture

Bunny Pictures

If you don’t have a bunny cookie cutter to use simply cut up a cardboard toilet roll and shape it like a bunny (see picture). Then dip the bunny in paint and make a very sweet Easter bunny scene.

Celery and Potato Painting

Grab a bunch of celery and use the heart of the celery (the bit where all the stalks are in the root) and dip in the paint and use it to make flowers. My little one made cabbages for the bunny! Cut shapes out of a potato for Easter egg potato stamping. For older ones they can make their own potato egg designs.

Easter Crafts

These sun catchers are so cheerful hung on your windows to catch the lovely spring sunshine and hide those dirty window marks!

Easter Suncatchers

We used cardboard and tissue paper to make these. Simply cut out an egg shape and add some sellotape strips or sticky back plastic and let your little one tear up strips of tissue paper and stick them on. I have included a handy tutorial video post to share our egg and cross designs here. You can extend the activity further by reading the easter story so they gain an insight into why the egg and cross are so symbolic.

A good one is to have an egg competition at home. Decorate some eggs like a person, an animal or favourite character. We loved decorating eggs for our last school. One of my favourites was this hungry caterpilar life cycle that our daughter created. She also loved creating the school caretaker in his shed one year for an entry!

Egg crafts

Another one using eggs is to grow some cress. We used an empty yoghurt pot last time. You can also use cardboard egg boxes and eggs themselves if they’ve been broken and washed carefully to grow cress from.

a pot of cress


For me play dough is perfect as you can theme it for different times of the year. The open ended play opportunities they get from it is fantastic. this time we made some yellow Easter play dough using my favourite recipe. We added in some farmyard wooden toys, paper straws, flowers and lolly sticks. They were quiet for ages!

Play dough with 2 children playing

Another Easter play idea is to provide them with some plastic eggs, chicks and dough.

Easter Sensory Play

Easter sensory play tray

This recent post of mine shares some Easter / Springtime sensory play ideas. I aim these activities for pre-schoolers but my older ones always end up enjoying them just as much as the littles!

I hope that this post has given you enough Easter arts and crafts to choose from. If you’re looking for some outdoors ideas to encourage them to start getting back outdoors more then check out this how to motivate your kids to go outside post.

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