Easy Baby and Toddler Christmas Activities

December 18, 2017

North Pole Sensory Tray

I sourced all the items for this sensory tuff tray from our home and so cost me nothing to produce.  We used a Happyland Christmas set, Happyland Fairies and other figures, schleich animals, a wooden farmhouse, foil blanket, fairy lights and threw some aircraft and a playmobil postbox.  If you haven’t these items then I recommend investing in some Christmas figures that can be brought out each year for play.

Christmas Painting

Its hard to think up painting ideas that babies can actually do. This simple way was perfect as it made 2 in 1 masterpieces.  A pine cone rolled into white paint is easy for little hands to grasp and then roll on a piece of black card.  This made a simple snowy scene to give to a grandparent and then the cone had an addition of glitter to make a pretty decoration once hung up with twine.

Christmas Biscuit Dough

I found a suitable baby led weaning biscuit banana based dough recipe on Pinterest. I then let my baby  explore and try and stir and play about with the dough. If you have an older child they can help cut out Christmas shapes and then the baby gets to enjoy the soft cooked biscuit. Florence mainly enjoyed playing with spoons, pots and Tupperware in the kitchen whilst they baked.

Fairy Light Tub

I popped some cheap battery fairy lights into a Tupperware box for our baby to enjoy the lights safely.

Exploring Frost and Ice

Its been really cold with temperatures in the minus figures. We went outside and looked at the frosty grass and found some ice in a bucket. This activity was very brief as I soon had to take them back indoors as their fingers were quickly frozen.


We have an Ikea igloo tent that we pop fairy lights around and fill with cuddly toys and books for a nice quiet chill out area.  If you haven’t an igloo tent then just make a nice den or tented area and fill with festive soft toys.

Sometimes it’s difficult to think of little activities for a young child. I hope these simple ideas give you some inspiration!

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