February Meal Plan Ideas

February 4, 2019

February meal plan ideas board with the word meal spelt out on a chalkboard and a fork A month where we will be planning to have a variety of dishes on our February Meal plan, such as Chinese , Valentine’s and pancake Day treats.

I’m looking forward to some more winter warmers varied with some days with a bit of fresh salad here and there.  We also have some new dishes to make and try.   As always I have included some of my inspiration for the month on my February Meal Plan ideas Pinterest board.  I have also included some snack and desserts we will hopefully be having.

February Meal Plan Ideas

Simple and Easy Pancakes 

Chinese – Annabel Karmel’s sweet and sour chicken recipe with stir fry vegetables, rice and prawn crackers

Slow cooker Meatball and Gnocchi soup

Creamy Potato and Salmon Bake

Valentine’s Tortilla Pizza for the kids

Beef casserole with potato gratin

Oven Baked leek and bacon Rissotto

Jacket potatoes and chilli con carne with soured cream and cheese

Fish Pie – using a mix of fish and served with some greens

Roast chicken with mashed potatoes and swede and carrot mash.

chicken noodle broth (made with chicken stock from the roast)

Delia Smiths carbonara

Pasta Salad with Quorn nuggets and hummus dip

Hidden Vegetable Tomato linguine with garlic bread

Creamy Bacon Mushroom Thyme chicken with chips and salad

Cowboy Beans and potato wedges

Sweet potato and tomato soup with crusty rolls

Jam and coconut sponge with custard

Smoothie- Strawberry, blueberry, banana, spinach and greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt Chocolate Mousse- My Fussy Eater

Oat and Blueberry blender Muffins – My fussy Eater

Peanut Butter Chickpea blondies

Jelly and fruit

Pancakes with fruit and Greek Yoghurt

Overnight Oats for breakfast with apples, clementine juice,cinnamon and raisins

I hope that this gives you some inspiration for your February Meals. For March Meal plans do click here.

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