Geocaching – family treasure hunt! 

March 19, 2017

Back in 2012 when we lived down south we used to take Finlay and Daisy out looking for caches (treasure boxes) around Hampshire and Surrey. It was a really good way to motivate little legs to walk our then family dog Bailey around town and surrounding countryside. Our move to Germany and then our return to the Uk saw us take up other family activities and so we forgot about the fun that can be had hunting around looking for clues and caches. A real life treasure hunt!

Teddy has recently been asking to do treasure hunts at home for his sister to find his hidden treasure (mainly chocolate treats!) This new interest of Teddy’s gave me the idea of experiencing geocaching again and for Teddy a first. As you will see in the how to video he really embraces the challenge and he walked really far!

The app is easy to download and then source a cache that is easy for beginners/children it provides gps tracking to the site and then you search within around 30 metres of the pinpoint. Do check the information from other geocachers to make sure the cache is active before you set off! If you struggle to find the cache you can usually find clues from others on the cache info.  Caches are hidden all over the world and to sum it up it’s Technology in the great outdoors, thrown in with a puzzle of problem solving clues to search out a waterproof box/tube. The cache contains a logbook & pencil to enter your details and some treasure of little value e.g small toy, penny, badge etc. You’re expected to log your name and leave a small item in replace of an item of your choosing. Carefully putting the cache back you also then log your find on the geocache app or website. These caches are everywhere and maybe even right outside your home, workplace and favourite haunts. Just remember one thing try not to be seen searching it out and replacing the cache as you don’t want muggles catching you in the act!

So get yourselves outside using the app and get searching. If you  can sign up to our blog email updates and let us know you’re geocacheing experiences then do Please watch our video of our 2 middle ones discovering the joys of geocaching in a nearby village once again!

Happy Hunting! 

One response to “Geocaching – family treasure hunt! ”

  1. Rachael says:

    What a cool treasure hunt!! Loved this! Well done Team Stein!

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