SeaLife Blackpool Review and Exotic Pet campaign

July 4, 2017

Teddy and I were very lucky to be invited down to SeaLife Blackpool’s Rainforest Area recently.

SeaLife are educating families on seeing creepy crawlies and exotic pets in a safe environment such as SeaLife, rather than taking them on as pets. They’re hoping this campaign will educate children to be responsible and not take on pets such as praying mantis, hissing cockroaches or giant African snails, following a surge of exotic pets being unwanted and dumped once the owners realise they can’t look after them properly.

Teddy had a great time and we met the lovely wildlife and children’s presenter Lizzie Daly (CBeebies’ Let’s Go Club & BBC Earth Unplugged).

Lizzie showed Teddy a selection of these weird and wonderful creatures and gave him facts as to how they should be handled and cared for here at SeaLife Blackpool.

This newly-unveiled area in the Rainforest Area is fascinating and full of fun, interesting facts; especially for any young budding creepy crawling enthusiasts. It is also great for schools and groups to come and learn all about exotic creatures and our responsibility to the environment.

We then went around the rest of the SeaLife centre, including the fabulous hands-on Rockpool Area, which has been recently invested in. The staff were more than helpful; at various points they interacted with us, sharing facts about the sea life and even presenting us with starfish to handle, much to Teddy’s delight!  The aquarium is a perfect place to bring a young family, as Florence was fascinated by the fish tanks and Teddy was kept entertained with all the various interactive areas. I will return with my older two children as they would definitely enjoy the experience just as much as we did

Here is a short video of our time in the aquarium.


Top Tip- There is a fun trail for children to take part in and stamp as they move around the aquarium.  

As usual you do exit through the gift shop, so be prepared for gift requests. 

We didn’t feel pressurised to take up the photo opportunities, the staff let us have the option without thrusting it on us. 

Toilets and baby change facilities are available and there is a lift as the attraction is on the first floor. It’s wide enough to push a large double pushchair around but a bit of a tight squeeze in the lift. 

We received free tickets in exchange for this review, although all opinions and thoughts are of my own. 

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2 responses to “SeaLife Blackpool Review and Exotic Pet campaign”

  1. talkingmums1 says:

    It sounds fascinating. I love it when the staff interact and impart dome knowledge on us, makes the visit so much more interesting. Not sure I could hold a giant millipede though x

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