How to help a Hedgehog and protect a Polar Bear Book Review

May 30, 2019

I was gifted this beautiful children’s environmental title in exchange for an open and honest review.The book how to help a hedgehog and protect a polar bear

How to HELP a Hedgehog and PROTECT a Polar Bear is written by CBeebies presenter Jess French and published by Nosy Crow in collaboration with The National Trust.  This beautifully illustrated book is sure to have an impact on you and your children, plus it contains 70 simple things that we can do for our planet.

Each habitat has a descriptive double page with dozens of things to spot and discover.  Then a further double page filled with a species fact file about some of the animals from that habitat and then some suggestions of what you can do to help this habitat and the animals that live there.   This makes each habitat a perfect bite-size for bedtime reading for my 5 year old.A page of a book with illustrations of a garden habitat

The habitats discussed vary from the familiar garden and woodland to wetlands, savannahs, oceans, jungles and much more.    The book then goes on to also share information on migratory, endangered and extinct species.

 I think that Jess French has really got the educational balance right by giving us some facts that can get young readers and adults really thinking whilst also balancing the plights of the habitats with how small changes really make a difference to further protect them.   I’m impressed with how this book collaboration manages to make this an environmental read that is far from judgmental and encourages readers to share these environmental issues in the same proactive way.     How to help a hedgehog and protect a polar bear

This book has also been one of the first introductions for our young reader Teddy to see how he can use a context page, index and glossary, all of which add to the fun way to share this book.   So whether you’re already a keen green crusader or you just want to become more aware of specific environmental impacts then I would highly recommend this book.  Definitely an essential read for the future generation.

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