A Round up of our Favourite Reads from 2018

January 17, 2019

I’m trying to keep up our reading posts regularly, due to having so many positive comments about what we are reading.  I thought that I would round up last year’s reading from all of us, adults included, on what our favourites have been.

First up, my reading has been minimal apart from kids books of course!  I will be honest and say that I have only read a handful of books this year due to my love and work of keeping up with social media and blogging as its takes up my available downtime. I’m hoping to sneak more reading into my 2019 goals and so hopefully this time next year I can say I have read more.  So waffle aside, my favourite book has to be The Cows by Dawn O’Porter.  This book won my top slot as I simply couldn’t put it down whilst on Sumer holidays and even Dougie got gripped by the plot when he had finished his book!  I loved the different dynamics of the characters in the book and the twist in the plot which took me by surprise but yet I still finished the book with a sense of content. I don’t want to say much more, in case you haven’t read this and want to.  It’s highly recommended by me, a reader who requires escapism and nothing too heavy after a busy demanding day.

Dougie’s favourite book this year – Natural Born Heroes by Christopher McDougall. This is an interesting mix of a book; part WW2 & Parkour history, part spy novel, part nutrition science, part fitness & exercise development, it takes you on a journey of exploration and information while being thoroughly engaging.10769061840_img_6806

Finlay aged 12 1/2. The Polar Bear Explorers Club by Alex Bell

This is one of the best books I have ever read.  This book focuses on the main character Stella and her adventures with a group of junior explorers.  They adventure to the Icelands and encounter yetis, ice fairies and man-eating cabbages!  They get separated by the main exploration group and reach the furthest point of undiscovered Icelands. This book will be enjoyed by ages 10-14 and is a must read, especially for fans of Phillip Pullman.

Tom Gates~ What Monster By Daisy age 10 now!

This book will make you lol! It’s full of ideas and exciting illustrations. Including 3d monsters! My favourite bit is when Tom makes a cardboard monster and acts this out instead of being a tree in the school play. The teachers were furious but the audience was delighted! You have to read it, if you’re seven to eleven!

The Variety of Life- Nicola Davies and Lorna Scobie by Teddy aged 5

I love it because it’s a big book. I like the penguin page because it has weird penguins like the macaroni penguin because they’re so funny to look at. I also love the mice page because one of the mice who lives in America has a funny bottom. The snake page always scares my Grandma and there are cool snakes that look like fish but are actually snakes. I even took this book to share with my friends at school.

Pip and Posy The Scary Monster-Axel Scheffler

Even little Florence joined in with her favourite of 2018.  She’s really enjoyed the simple tale of The Scary Monster and its message about being brave and taking turns. She loves how on each page there are things to spot and emotions to discuss.


I will certainly be keeping up with our favourite reads into 2019. I especially enjoy reading the kids synopsis on their reading books.

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4 responses to “A Round up of our Favourite Reads from 2018”

  1. Ooo I think L would love The Variety of Life, I’ll have to find it for him. #StayClassyMama

  2. Love Teddy’s review. My favourite book of 2018 was Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I recommend setting a GoodReads Reading challenge – it spurred me on to read more last year. #Stayclassymama

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