Just another Manic Mumschool week- Living Arrows 4/52 -2021

January 25, 2021

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” The post title ‘Just another manic mumschool week’ sounds more exciting than this post will actually be! I’m running out of titles as we’re living in groundhog day! Truth be told I’m more manic than the kids most of the time. Running around swapping devices, sorting out teams problems, sitting with Teddy as he’s not independent with his learning all whilst finding things to keep Flo entertained. It means I look more than frazzled before lunchtime let alone by 3pm!

mumschool with two children dressed as pirates telling a story

Teddy enjoyed writing some pirate poems. When not in school he has been busy building some of his Christmas lego sets. I was convinced into making him some nerf gun targets which at least means we’re not a target now!

Daisy enjoyed a drama lesson and had to make a short video acting as a Macbeth witch. She has really felt cooped up with homeschool this week so we took a walk at sunrise together for some much needed peaceful time together from the others.

a child smiling at sunrise

Fin is busy working away on live lessons most of the school day and just gets on with them really well. When he does take a break he knows how to let off steam by running around getting the little ones excited! He fell on the ice after one of his silly escapades! It’s a reminder that although he is 14 he is still a boy.

4 children smiling through a hole in a wall

Florence has been busy perfecting her cycling skills and trying to climb the tree in the front garden. She is definitely missing preschool and enjoyed keeping me on my toes so I can live up to the manic mumschool title!

mumschool - 3 children dressed in tartan celebrating burns night

Lastly we enjoyed a slightly early Burns night. Dougie always enjoys his works annual mess Burns night and so we brought him a home version. The kids read poetry and helped cook dinner. I didn’t manage to take a photo of all 4 of them which is a shame as Fin had a kilt on. We did take this one and a good video of Fin reading the address to the haggis!

Living Arrows 3/52

Living Arrows

2 responses to “Just another Manic Mumschool week- Living Arrows 4/52 -2021”

  1. Donna says:

    Your biggest girl is growing so fast – you can really see the adult in her now. It sounds like you’re doing well with the home school. I wish ours had live lessons, I think it would make things easier x

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