Lockdown Moods and Outdoor Baths 24/52 Living Arrows

June 15, 2020

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran. It’s been a bit of a nondescript week. It’s sometimes hard to know what to write as we’re just doing the same things. I’m relieved that I have felt more positive the last week. It might just be the first week of lockdown where I have managed to feel like this everyday. The rest of the house at times haven’t quite felt the same and have taken it in turns to have lockdown moods. Totally understandable as we can all get on top of each other at times, even more so when the weather wasn’t great. Plus little Flo had her preschool booster this week.

 a family out skateboarding

As always our loveliest moments of the week were spent outdoors. Halfway through the week we picked up some treats from a village shop and spent the afternoon in the woods playing. They were really pleased to be able to pick their own chocolate bar, so I got away with taking a few photos.

lockdown moods lifted with a walk in the woods and a girl smiling by some flowers

Once the weather broke this weekend we headed out and came across this beautiful poppy field on one of our new favourite walks. These two took a rest as they had insisted on walking barefoot for most of the way!

two children sat by a field of poppies

On Saturday evening we gave the littles an outside home-made hot tub bath. They thought it was great fun and now think this is the best way to take a bath!

lockdown moods field with outdoor baths

We didn’t leave the big two out of all the fun. Once the littles were in bed we dug out pie face and had a fun game together. I’m hopeful that a nice weekend, some earlier nights and seeing the sun has now lifted their lockdown moods ready for the week ahead!

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2 responses to “Lockdown Moods and Outdoor Baths 24/52 Living Arrows”

  1. Donna says:

    They look so cute in the homemade bath – what a great idea! x

  2. I was in a bit of a meh mood last week too. Maybe its just got to that point? Hope this week was kinder to you all. I am sure mine would love the outside bath idea too 🙂

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