Seals on the Yorkshire Coast and a Quiet Weekend with Living Arrows 23/52

June 8, 2020

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran. This week whizzed by until the weekend came and it felt like the weekend was about 5 days long! Our highlight this weekend was a mid-week trip to the Seals on the Yorkshire coast.

Seals on the Yorkshire coast with a boy down  on the rocks

As the weather was cooler we were right in thinking it would be a really quiet time to visit the coast. We passed about 5 families on the walk down the cliff and back up!

Seals on the Yorkshire Coast - 3  children hunting for fossils on the beach

Although it wasn’t really a proper beach, more of a shingle cove, it was so lovely to see / hear the sea and blow the cobwebs away. With an energetic climb down the cliff, my legs have ached for a few days but it was really worth it. Seeing the seals was amazing. We had spotted some bobbing in and out of the water and resting on an inaccessible side of the cove. Once we were down on the rocks we accidentally came across a lone seal. We managed to quietly watch him and get a few zoomed in photos from a sensible distance!

This weekend we have been indoors and it’s been just what we all needed. The weather has been a bit miserable and so we have enjoyed some downtime with too much screen time, some much needed jobs done, a few craft activities and a bit of baking.

2 sisters  hugging with matching hair do’s

The big two decided to take part in a challenge to stay in their bedrooms for 24 hours. In their words they thought it was epic! I visited Daisy to do her hair and nails and of course little lady joined in. She felt like Topsy with her little buns and looks so gown up in this photo.

2 young children baking and  licking the bowl out

Teddy and Flo needed a little more entertaining whilst the older two were gaming, so we did a few craft activities and baked a sponge cake. Florence is fiercely independent in the kitchen, she wants to take control of the recipe and is pretty efficient for a 3 year old! She did allow Teddy to join her in licking the bowl. He sees helping in the kitchen as an opportunity to eat at the same time!

Living Arrows

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2 responses to “Seals on the Yorkshire Coast and a Quiet Weekend with Living Arrows 23/52”

  1. Your seal trip looked amazing, how wonderful to be so close! Love Flos hair she does look very grown up in that photo, I liked the idea of a 24 hour challenge may try that with my two!

  2. Sarah says:

    It sounds like you’ve had another great week – how exciting to see seals up close! #LivingArrows

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