Meal Planning September

September 10, 2018

Since promising I will share my meal plans with you on my first meal planning post, I then let the blog go quiet over the Summer and so didn’t share any of our meal plans.  To be honest we were away so much that home meal planning went out the window.  That said whist we were camping we did make numerous meals at the campsite.  So I have included these in a separate post.

Our meals for the first part of September are-

Monday – Tuna & salmon fishcakes with poached egg, broccoli and peas- These are made with tinned tuna, tined salmon, sweet potatoes and white potatoes with seasoning and chives.

Tuesday – Home made Quiche with ready rolled shortcrust pastry

Wednesday – Fish Pie

Thursday – puff pastry tomato and mozzarella squares with salad.

Friday- Freezer cheat night.

Saturday – Vegetable and chickpea curry with naan bread and rice.

Sunday – Roast Gammon, potatoes, veg, stuffing and Yorkshire puddings.

Monday – Ham, Leek and Cheese crumble

Tuesday – Homemade vegetable soup and a sponge pudding for dessert.

Wednesday – Tuna pasta bake

Thursday – Beef mince enchilada lasagne

Friday – fish and chips

As you can see Im trying to tie in a few meals with similar ingredients to keep costs lower. Our kids have a small dessert after every evening meal such as yoghurt, fruit or a bit of cake etc

I will endeavour to get ahead and release the next lot of meal plans for the remainder of September.

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