My Covid-19 Lockdown Silver Linings

May 5, 2020
My cover-19 lockdown silver linings with a picture of a lady having a coffee by a rainbow window

Hello again! I have previously written about what we have learnt during lockdown and now I’m returning after being tagged by Hannah and the Twiglets to share my own Covid-19 lockdown silver linings.

This post is what it says; it’s the positives that have come about for us during lockdown. It goes without saying that I wish it hadn’t taken a global pandemic for us to have these changes and realisations in our lives.

1. Time to Slow Down

A table of self care with almond milk, toast, honey and playdough.

We have become more creative and inventive with our time, as well as more resourceful. I have appreciated the time that we have spent enjoying our own home & garden and the neighbouring farmland we have on our doorstep.

More time has allowed us to teach our children more about practical life skills and learn more about the world around us. They have all really embraced being in the kitchen and have enjoyed cooking and baking from scratch. Teddy has even learnt how to make a rhubarb crumble for his Beaver badge work!

2. Gratitude

A family calling for the NHS and keyworkers

Stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives-

As a family we have discussed, contemplated and shown our appreciation for key workers, family and others.

We have loved and had tears (in my eyes!) hearing good news stories which have cemented our faith in human nature. From heroes such as the amazing centenarian Capt Tom Moore raising over 30 million pounds for the NHS to 11 year old Noah Evans sleeping outside in his den for a month and auctioning off his own toys to raise an incredible amount of money for non surgical scrubs and all the smaller acts of kindness we have seen locally.

We are also more grateful for what we have.

3. Environment

My cover-19 lockdown  silver linings with 2 children playing happily by a remote pond

Our roads and skies are quieter. The birds seem louder and with less noise pollution and less demands on our day we have noticed our surroundings even more. We have had more time to make new eco switches in the home, be resourceful with what we have lying around and not waste anything. I have enjoyed reading articles about how wildlife is benefiting and how air pollution levels have dropped. I only hope that our lives post Covid-19 will factor in these new benefits.

4. Self Care

A coffee and cinnamon bun for a self care break

With more time to ourselves, we have found opportunities at finding time to focus on our self care. We’re more physically active thanks to PE with Joe Wicks and our daily exercise on local walks and family bike rides. We are also more in tune and empathetic when one of us is having a bad day.

5. Screen Time

Four children playing in the woods with sticks

I heard that screen time has been on the increase in the UK during lockdown. I totally understand how this could be the case, with being at home more and parents needing children to be focused when they’re working from home. It has been different for us, so this is one of my silver linings of lockdown. With me only having a small amount of work on I can take a step back and focus on home school. We have managed to reduce screen time and encourage them to get involved in other activities. After the initial “I’m bored ” being announced often, they have found other fun and creative ways to occupy themselves. I have found that my own social screen time has vastly improved by trying to set a good example!

I have enjoyed writing this post and seeking ways to think and focus on the positives. I would like to nominate Emma from Dirt, Diggers and Dinosaurs, Rachel at Muddybootsmummy and Bethanie Northumberland Family Diaries to also share their Covid-19 lockdown silver linings.

2 responses to “My Covid-19 Lockdown Silver Linings”

  1. Loved reading your silver linings during these strange and hard times. I find there is something quite old school going back to baking and playing in the garden more but I love that that is happening! It feels like we are going back to our routes and remembering what is really important.
    Thank you for tagging me in!

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