My kids Easter Pinterest plans! 

March 28, 2017

These are our Easter baking and craft activities from last year.

The painting activity was aimed at my then big 2 year old and just turned 2 year old mindee, it was successful and they were capable of the activity (with supervision of course). Our then 7 year old also enjoyed coming home and doing both painting activities independently. So this worked well for toddlers and tweens.

For the baking I made hot cross buns with the toddlers, and we had separate batches of these as theirs weren’t quite as pretty as these! The chocolate bundt cake was my own creation as I hadn’t made one before. I did have a little helper to decorate the top with the eggs though!

Finlay and Daisy got blank mini canvas bags from Hobbycraft to decorate and use for Easter Egg hunting. They also have to decorate eggs every year at school, so the finished works of their egg art are also pictured here. A friendship ring (part of the school ethos) and the Hungry Caterpillar life cycle were their entries. We particularly loved the hungry caterpillar and they both were fortunate to win prizes for their efforts.
Above are my Easter intentions for this year.  As always I’m sure we won’t get around to doing them all, but will certainly cross a few off our Pinterest to do list!

A few things for the tweens 

Clay daffs – great way to use up some spare air-dry clay and make some grandparent Easter gifts.

Stained glass windows – perfect craft activity for Easter weekend for the children to relate Easter to the bible and not just to chocolate!

Pom Pom animals – we have a huge bag of leftover wool and this is a perfect way to keep Daisy busy.

Mache hollow eggs from Hobbycraft to decorate.

Easter Hole  punches again from Hobbycraft to make confetti with pastel paper and card.

Toddler activities 

Cress egg heads – We love to make these each year and then use the results in egg & cress sandwiches!

Painting with a potato masher – as easy as it looks 🎨

Plastic egg toss – looks great fun and a good use of all our plastic refillable eggs. Good for hand eye coordination at this age!

Hobbycraft cowboy Easter Bonnet for nursery Bonnet making

Easter sensory trays for Toddlers & Babies.

My creations

Chocolate cake – a different version of my usual Easter chocolate offering
Pancake 🐇 – very cute for Easter breakfast complete with blueberries, bananas and Greek yoghurt!

I will I’m sure have lots of handy helpers on the baking front.
We will share with you in the next few weeks some of our creations – good or bad – and we’d love to hear about your Easter Ideas too!

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