5 Indoor Activities For kids

February 19, 2019

With a week off in February, a month when the weather isn’t always inviting to be outside in all weathers, it’s good to have a few back-up indoor activities to keep them busy and away from having too much screen time.  I have complied 5 indoor activities for kids, as I have 4 to entertain from ages 2-12.Two cardboard rockets

Junk Modelling

An activity that can be tailor made to suit a wide age range.  Just grab yourself a bulk order of masking tape and fish out some of your recycling and let them get creative.  For older ones they can create a more advanced model such as a marble run game or an indoor birdhouse using pretty ribbons and washi tapes.indoor activity of making a cardboard marble run

Indoor Roads

Again another simple one, using just masking tape to make indoor roads and tracks on the floor for small world play.  Give them some vehicles and they can have roads climbing up and down tables with the help of some extra cardboard.  For older ones they can use these for remote control vehicles or maybe a robot to navigate around a course.  It’s amazing how much simple activities can bring together different age groups.an indoor activity of making a road and village using masking tape and toys

Make a Den

Use a corner of the house or if stuck for room, under a table or bed and help them make a really good den using sheets and cushions from around the house.  If you can, let them use it for the holidays as a chill out area, place for tea parties or a reading den.  In our house the holidays is a noisy time, so having a quiet reading den to retreat to will be a welcome distraction from the chaos.

an indoor den

Go on an Expedition

We do this every so often. The kids often like to hike to Everest.  They put on hats, binoculars , backpacks and scarves and we find adventure in the house.  We have made it to Everest (a big duvet at the top of the stairs, sailed across the ocean (in a wash basket), hiked down to the jungle (the shed outside) and used our imaginations. We stop for a story and often lunch at base camp.  For older children you could perhaps involve them with younger ones by asking them to prepare lunch or snack for the expedition.  It’s such a fun indoor  activity for little imaginations.two children on an imaginary expedition in their shed

Make a Lava Lamp– A fun activity for the slightly older kids and a good science experiment for them to produce.  Our 5 year old is really looking forward to doing this.

We would love to hear in the comments of any other indoor activities you have fun doing, whether it’s one of these or any other fun indoor activities.  After trying out these 5 indoor play activities you may wish to brave the outdoors with  5 ways to get your kids outside in Winter. 

6 responses to “5 Indoor Activities For kids”

  1. Karen Dennis says:

    These would be great for child minders #,stayclassymuma@_karendennis

  2. Sam says:

    Fab ideas and going to bookmark becuase my boys would enjoy some of these X #stayclassymama

  3. I LOVE the idea of using tape to make roads: so simple but clever! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama and I hope you had a good half term

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