Planning a Family Villa Holiday in Spain

May 23, 2019

With Summer holidays fast approaching I thought that I would share our thoughts on how we plan and research for a family holiday.   If you’re a regular reader of my blog you may remember that back in January I set some family goals in which I really wanted to make sure that we could all enjoy and benefit from having a holiday and not come back needing a holiday from the holiday.  We have several age gaps to cater for from teen to toddler, so we really want to be able to put together a holiday where all needs and enjoyment levels are catered for so that we are not left feeling exhausted. I know I can hear all you parents cry ‘a holiday, what is one of those?’ I really do think it can be possible to find a holiday that can cater for all the family whilst also ticking the boxes for us adults. I thought it would be helpful to share what holiday planning has worked for us us in the past and how you can find a rental in Spain with Clickstay.

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I’m the researcher of the family and so I’m the one who usually does all the background work on finding our next family vacation.  I think that looking back on previous holidays helps me to remember what worked and didn’t work.  This then helps us make decisions on how we book our next family holiday.  It could be as simple as realising that more space would be preferable, a better outdoor space, or maybe whether to invite additional family members with you to make for extra helping hands.                                                                                                        We start by taking into consideration what works for everyone.  For me and my husband it’s quite simply a family friendly property,  I know for my eldest he would desire internet access for his screen time for when we’re busy juggling little ones bath and bedtime routines.  Now the one thing I know we would all agree on is a wish for a shared or private swimming pool. Then taking into account what you need to make the perfect holiday you can also access Clickstay discount code to use your budget to help work out what fits for your family holiday.Fin in the pool


We have always found that holiday home rentals have worked best for us when we have holidayed In Spain. We much prefer the freedom of having our own base so we can relax and then explore the area when we wish.  We feel that it makes for having more privacy and quality family time. We love that we can make our own meals when required and also settle the younger ones to sleep peacefully.  We can also relax when our own children are loud at 6am and only disturbing us! Clickstay makes it easy to filter all that you would require from your accommodation such as a private/shared pool, air conditioning, dishwashers, garden or even a bbq.    Choosing a property for your budget really couldn’t be any easier.


When looking for a desired location It’s also useful to take into account the following:

How far you want to travel from the airport ?

Whether you want to be near the beach or not?

What is there to do in the area that is of interest to your family?

For us we always prefer not being more than an hour (ish) from the airport, we prefer access to a pool so being in close proximity to a beach isn’t important to us.  We also prefer being on the edge of the town to give us the option of a quieter property whilst still being able to visit the local town/villages for some culture when we desire. There are a few factors to consider when planning what areas of Spain you wish to visit.  Using Villas in Spain will provide you with information on the local areas and towns.  By taking some time to choose a desired location, you can then view exactly where the properties are, on their helpful map of Spain.

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Taking into account planning, accommodation and location is really a great rule of thumb to booking villas in Spain.  I would love to hear if you have any holidays planned in the not so distant future or if you have any other useful tips for booking villa holidays in Spain.

Author-Charlotte Stein

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  1. We like privacy and car parking because whether we have our car or a hire car we always need a car. It works out cheaper for a family of 5.

  2. Very helpful and thorough guide to organising a Spanish holiday. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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