How to make Rose Petal Perfume and Potions

May 21, 2019

a jar with rose petals all around itDo you remember making rose petal perfume for your loved ones when you were younger? I have fond memories of enjoying making rose scented concoctions for my Mother. What I love about this activity is that you can make it as long or short as you desire. For the more independent older child they can cook up some petal perfume by themselves with just a few items needed. Or alternatively for younger children we chose to extend the activity further in that we went on a nature walk to collect the blooms needed. If you like you can use this opportunity to also discuss the different parts of the flower, colours and spot other signs of nature around you.

Once you’ve gathered up enough for a perfume or potion, you can simply mix the petals with water, we find warm water steeps the blooms a little. My littles loved picking the petals off and mashing them, so utilised our mud kitchen for the activity, but you can do it indoors or outdoors, a mud kitchen is not necessarily needed.

Equipment/ ingredients:


You can also personalise the jar with a message for a homemade gift. Or if your little ones are like my own littles they will be mashing and making potions with what they have produced and add all sorts into the jar!

See a video of our children enjoying making floral gifts:

3 Little Buttons

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4 responses to “How to make Rose Petal Perfume and Potions”

  1. I loved doing this as a child and used to try and sell it to my unsuspecting neighbours! #itsok

  2. Helen Copson says:

    Looks like great fun. Your little ones certainly enjoyed it by the looks of the photo. #ItsOK

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