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November 9, 2017

Four children sat on a fallen tree smilingFollowing on from my post on how we fell into slow parenting, I thought I would follow it up with what we have found has worked for us in making our family unit flow better, and helped slow down our  family life and how its enabled us to appreciate the simple things that bit more.

I have really enjoyed writing my slow parenting blog posts but have also found them tricky to put across simply what it’s all about. I don’t want to sound like an expert by writing about our parenting style or even sound like I’m telling you this is how you should parent. It’s not my intention to suggest that this is the best way to parent. We all have different lifestyles, different family units, and we know what works for us. You may feel that you like some elements of slow parenting but not others, and so choose to take aspects of it into your home life, but for those who, like us, fall into a different pace of life or are seeking this pace I thought it only just to share with you what we are all about as parents and as a family unit.

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7 responses to “Slow parenting Tips ”

  1. franbackwithabump says:

    Sounds like it’s working for you. Totally agree about treats, the more kids have the more they expect in general. I love your attitude to the outdoors too! I should take a leaf out your book as am very much a fair weather explorer #coolmumclub

  2. Love these tips especially the ones you mention about eating together as a family and play – these two I feel passionate about! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this xoxo

  3. I agree… slowing down the pace is the need of relationships today .

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