Living Arrows 38~52

September 23, 2019


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran

Wow, this week whizzed by just as fast as last week. At this rate it will be half term before we know it! Florence started her settling sessions at nursery and did just fine with me being there and so the next ones are shorter sessions without me being there. It’s such a lovely setting that I could happily stay and play let alone her!

A toddler grinning whilst eating soup

Teddy started Karate this week and added to swimming and Beavers this means he has three out of school activities – combined with the big two’s activities, definitely means I’m officially a Mummy taxi!

Finlay thankfully got his cast off this week and has been upgraded to a wrist support for a few weeks until he’s at full strength again. We’re hoping that TeamStein Daddy will also be cast free in a weeks time as it’s getting tiring for him and also for me doing all the driving and trickier jobs.

I haven’t taken many photos this week as I have been busier with blog writing. The first is from our afternoon out with Grandma to Castle Howard where Flo and I enjoyed sharing some tomato soup out of a flask. She was very excited to be having soup on a picnic!

The other is of the little two when we stopped off at Starbucks whilst Daisy was doing her weekly Explore Learning session. The littles were happy to be drinking babycinos and eating cake whilst having attention from the both of us without the big two taking over!

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Living Arrows

One response to “Living Arrows 38~52”

  1. RachelSwirl says:

    Yes Mother is another word for CHAUFFEUR! I find that my Taxi service has increased as the kids have got older… one day I will ask them to repay me (with trips back from the pub perhaps?) lol

    Lovely pictures – so glad nursery is going well.

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