Spring Hyyge

May 2, 2018

We have all experienced a really long traditional Winter with endless cold grey days.  In the last few weeks I have had days that I feel overwhelmed when I look around the home.  Maybe it’s the aftermath of two school holiday weeks, where we were all in the house more than normal, thanks to those chilly Eastern winds. Maybe it could be the need to change around all our clothing and bedding from Winter to spring, on top of the need to spring clean every room.  Or it could just be because we’ve been in our new home for a few months, so I can now see that certain areas of the house need changing, or the stuff we threw in a cupboard just isn’t working and I’m desperately needing better organisation for things to flow right for me.

I then stumbled upon Spring Hygge, and this caught my eye, as I associated Hygge with Autumn/Winter months for some reason.  I reminded myself after re- reading that Hygge is all about what makes me happy rather than materialistic things, and for me this is an area that I have always been able to identify with.
This is obviously easily applied to life all year round,  so I did what I always do when I’m inspired, and I hit Pinterest for spring Hygge ideas.

My top 10 on how to bring some Spring Hygge into your life:

Declutter – I feel that I can go about finding a happier state of mind by having less stuff within the home.   First off, with a need to become more organised and slightly less cluttered  I have started to look into the queen of decluttering Marie Kondo, and practice the Konn Marie method in our home.  I have ordered the book, in the hope I can actually read a book before falling asleep, and have scoured Pinterest for inspiration and will keep you up to date with my progress around the home.

Fill the washing line – The smell of washing on the line is always satisfying, especially getting those first few wash loads that get outside on the line.  I always do a spring wash of cushion covers, coats and wash winter woollens to be stored away until Autumn.

Breathing and Light- Opening the windows and if it’s too cold then at least the ventilation flaps in the double glazing to get air flowing through the home.  Clean your windows,wiping off all those little sticky fingerprints.

Flowers and Greenery – Bringing the outside, inside. Whether it’s the cheapest £1 bunch of pretty daffodils or a few extra budget succulents into the home, get some flora and greenery in corners of your house.  I have also pruned some outdoor blossoms and flowers and popped them into jam jars.

Fairy Lights- I’m a believer that these aren’t just for Christmas!  Just the other week I spent £1 on some flower lights for an Easter Tree, they are now on my fireplace twirled around my candles and flowers. These lights look so pretty when the light is fading in these lighter evenings.

Candles – I love having scents that I associate with the seasons, for me spring is all about light fruity scents such as grapefruit and rhubarb or sweet floral notes.

Take a walk – Being outdoors always lifts my mood and you’re winning as you’re exercising the children at the same time.  And if you’re in need of an extra incentive for a walk take a picnic, as there is no mess indoors to clear up and for us it’s celebrating the simple things in life.

Simple Baking- If you’re a baker, bake something as the smell is divine and can make you feel productive.  For non bakers or for midweek treats, I’m loving making healthy, easy 3 or 4 ingredient oat bites, as these require minimal prep and are a speedy bake.  So I find these a cheat bake and means I can enjoy spending time with the kids or have a bit of time in the garden relaxing for 5 minutes rather than be in a warm kitchen for an hour.   See my video for the recipe to these.

Replacing cozy Winter bedding / throws /soft furnishings for lighter, whiter, brighter linens and home furnishings.

Finally invite a friend around for a coffee and an oat bite or maybe something alcoholic early evening! This way you get to have company and a much needed natter whilst the kids play. You will also create the illusion that you have got your home together with the addition of some fairy lights and flowers.

I hope that this has given you a few spring hygge ideas to create your own happy home place. Please do take a look at my video to see how I have achieved some simple hygge in my life. I will also be doing updated hygge hauls and seasonal hygge videos, as well as a decluttering series on my channel and on here.

4 responses to “Spring Hyyge”

  1. franbackwithabump says:

    Love these tips. Washing on the line is such a simple pleasure, as is fresh flowers. Thankfully the sun is shining today, the washing is pegged out and the doors and windows are open! 🙂

  2. franbackwithabump says:

    Sorry #coolmumclub!

  3. Some lovely tips here I love the smell of fresh clothes on the washing line and hoping the onslaught of rain is now over so I can enjoy this again! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub 100th with this xx

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