Who Runs The World – Girls!

March 8, 2018

As it’s International Women’s Day today it’s got me thinking all about the strong female role models that are in my kids’ lives and how they can shape my                                                                                                                                    perceptions of women of today and going forward as they grow.

My girls – Daisy and Florence, are both sandwiched between their brothers and so have learnt from day one that they have to stick up for themselves and have a strong voice to be heard over my noisy boys.  Daisy is the best sister role model you could ask for, she is kind and will always help care for her younger siblings without complaint.  She may be petite in size but she’s always brave and the first to get dirty and muddy. She doesn’t follow the crowd and has always been happy to be the only pirate in a sea of princesses. Florence is so small still at 1 years old but she’s our calm influence in the house and her hugs can do wonders for us all, even Finlay at age 11.  She is also always searching for a table, chair or window sill to climb, so I just know she is the adventurous one and will probably encourage a tentative Teddy to be braver as they get older.

My sister is an example of how to work at something so hard until you succeed. She’s the cool Auntie who built up her own PR company, goes to all the cool events and knows how to throw a party.  She looks 10 years younger than she is, and has a great fashion style.  She works tirelessly and is a great example of a successful business woman.  My sister-in-law who is a general manager of a uber cool London Hotel and who gets up early every morning and commutes home late at night.  Another example of how successful you can be in your chosen field.

Military Wives – My children have been around so many military families and they have seen just how independent forces wives are.  Moving around and/or being apart from their husbands for long periods of time, pulling together as a team and being so resilient when flying solo.

Grandma- Caring, kind and the person most interested in my children lives.  She phones most days to check their highs and their lows. She will always spare time to come and sit and cuddle with them. Even if it means travelling through several countries on her own to get to them.  She’s also their personal sewer and has the best button collection in Yorkshire!

Katie Perry- Daisy’s choice- as she said she finds her singing and songs uplifting to listen to!

Last of all Me- I hope I have taught my children how to be kind and respectful as that’s what I wish them to have in abundance.  I hate to see them bicker and disagree and one of my well used sayings is ‘if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it at all’            I also hope they can see how you can split your love in equal measures.  Lastly I want them to be able to admit when they’re wrong, as we all get things wrong from time to time, as I know I am still learning my way as a Mummy.

Who is your female inspiration or what quality do you wish your children to carry forward with them in life?


11 responses to “Who Runs The World – Girls!”

  1. Love it! Great post. #coolmumclub

  2. So very pleased to see so many blogs about International Women’s Day this year. Also very pleased that in this lovely post you mention yourself and value your contribution to the world and that pic is superb #ThursdayTeam

  3. Siobhan McLoughlin says:

    I find biggest female influences to be those strong women around me. My friends, my mum, my grandma, my aunt’s and my daughter! X #thursdayclub

  4. I’m sure your children would rewrite the order of this post and put you first. #ThursdayTeam

  5. Oh I love this – it’s lovely to stop and think about all those female figures in our life. With a house full of females here (hubby excluded, poor guy!) it’s so important to me to raise my girls as strong, feisty women.
    Thanks so much for linking to #coolmumclub

  6. What a lovely post and it’s always so good to stop and reflect on who are inspirational people in our lives! For me, it’s my Mum – you know why… she’s taught me about huge strength, determination and how to be brave this year. Thanks so much for linking this to #thursdayteam

  7. Sophia Smith says:

    LoLz on “sandwiched between their brothers” Yeah “siblings sharpen sibling” – Sensei Wu said – Fun read

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