Ad- McDonald’s Happy Readers are back with stories of the World of David Walliams!

September 23, 2019

Two children with their happy meal boxes*AD- I’m working in a paid partnership with McDonald’s UK and Britmums to help highlight the Happy Readers programme, which provides books to children with their Happy Meals. Daisy, Teddy and I were really excited to go along to one of our local McDonalds restaurants as it’s a family favourite for us, our kids all like something on the menu, we get to have a break from cooking and we always find it stress free as it’s so family friendly.  When we also heard that the Happy Readers were back we were even more pleased. As you may already know my kids love a good book, and they were even more excited as we are big David Walliams fans, so they were keen to add to their collection of his stories on our bookshelves.

two children looking at happy readers
We visited a local McDonald’s restaurant in Knaresborough, Harrogate which is an out of town McDonalds making it really accessible to visit.  They have a mixture of self service and counter service machines inside as well as a drive thru.  There are two interactive tables for the kids to entertain themselves whilst they wait for their food as well as colouring in.  Once the kids had received our order of Happy Meals they were itching to see what books they had inside their boxes.   A happy meal and story
The special Happy Readers editions include: Vain Valentine, Honey The Hogger, Stacey Superstar, Harry Who Never Ever Did His Homework, Miss Petula Perpetual- Motion and Competitive Colin.  What we also loved about the Happy Meals in this promotion are the really engaging and fun illustrations of Tony Ross on both the meal boxes and the Happy Readers, helping to keep little diners entertained both during and after their meal. a child with a happy reader posing for photo
My two were delighted that they had a fun bookmark to write their names on that slotted into their books and there are quizzes and captions to read on each box. a picture of a happy meal quiz
Daisy and Teddy also made their boxes into trays to eat their food from on their laps whist they listened to the story, it was very sweet to watch. charleyWebb reading a storyWe were fortunate that at this Happy Readers event we got to enjoy a story reading from the lovely Charley Webb who’s reading of the story of Stacey Superstar demonstrated perfectly how you can get into character whilst reading a story to little ones and she had a gripped audience of both kids and parents.

We have enjoyed reading what busy escapades Petula is getting up to in Miss Petula Perpetual-Motion and the illustrations throughout help tell the story in a fun, vivid way. Both Teddy and Daisy have also enjoyed the activities at the back of each book making these books fun for taking out and about with you.A child reading a Davis Walliams book

Here is some background to share with you about the McDonald’s Happy Readers scheme that I was really pleased to hear.  McDonald’s have distributed more than 70 million books through the promotion, which is centered around inspiring families to be Happy Readers.  The aim is to help families to capture the joys of reading with stories that make you laugh out loud. The National Literacy Trust recommends reading with your child every day there are some helpful top tips on reading with children from the National Literacy Trust at the back of each Happy Reader.  Happy Readers also help to create special bonding times with our kids by bringing us fun stories with interesting characters to help us bring the stories to life for our kids and you really can let loose reading out loud to them with the most silly and interesting of voices.  I loved seeing our kids’ faces (especially Teddy who giggled loudly) when we read the Happy Reader Miss Petula Perpetual Motion to them when we got home.  These Happy Reader stories really allow you to get into character with dramatic voices along with the story and encouraging your child to read the same way by capturing their imagination. David Walliams stories are just written for the most interesting, silliest and funniest voices you can produce.two children looking in their Happy Meals

Not only can you find these fab stories to collect inside each Happy Meal you can also be in with the chance to win £100 in shopping vouchers to put towards purchasing some books by entering the #HappyReadersCompetition on Britmums,  by sharing a video or picture on either Instagram, Twitter or facebook of your child reading using their funniest, silliest or most characterful voice.a girl colouring in

Going to McDonald’s can be a fun trip out for all of the family; the activities are free, the food is good value for money and there is a huge variety available on the menu.  Thank you for having us and for our new Happy Readers stories that we’re enjoying sharing together at bedtime.  Thank you for reading my blog post and if you have any questions please do let me know below here.

2 responses to “Ad- McDonald’s Happy Readers are back with stories of the World of David Walliams!”

  1. Lindsey says:

    Loved your review 😊

  2. Emma says:

    We do enjoy a trip to McDonald’s but it’s even better when the children get something in the Happy Meal that they really love – and they do genuinely love these World of David Walliams books.

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