Autumn Painting Ideas!

October 17, 2017


October is such a beautiful month for colours, so I’m trying to inspire our 4 year old to come away from finding an electronic device in the house and instead pick up a paintbrush. Here’s what we came up with!

Autumn Leaf Suncatcher

You will need :   Paper Plate    Fablon             Paints and Leaves

Cut out the middle of a white paper plate to use as a frame, let them create their own painting masterpiece on this bit. This is a great opportunity to do some colour recognition with your preschooler and to explore mixing primary colours to achieve Autumnal colours. Once you’ve let the paint dry you apply fablon to the back of the plate covering the cut out circle fully.  You then let them apply the leaves to the sticky fablon and then once they’ve arranged them you cover over the leaves with another circle of fablon on top. Lastly punch a hole in the plate (Teddy loved this bit!) and then put a piece of string or wool through to tie it up. Then you can hang their work of art from the window to catch the sunlight with the gorgeous autumn colours!

Autumn Pasta Necklace

All you need is dried uncooked pasta – we found penne pasta worked well                                Autumnal paints                                                                                                                            String or wool- String worked best as easier for little hands to thread the pasta through themselves.

Autumn Lego Tree
Duplo bricks and paper is all that’s needed for this easy yet effective piece of stamp-art! And as long as it’s water-based paint it’s easy to clean afterwards.


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