Easy Activities To Do With Kids This Summer!

July 10, 2018

With now only 3 weeks to go before the end of another school year, it’s time to start a plan for the 6 weeks.  Whether you’re a plan ahead person or a spontaneous live for the moment kind of planner, this activity list caters for either type and from either at home or away. I hope to tick of most, if not all of these and I tend to plan a few things and then leave a lot of days where we’re not tied to anything. I hope this list gives you some inspiration to be creative at the same time as not feeling too much like a children’s entertainer!

Painting Rocks – Go join a local facebook group for inspiration on painting rocks and where to hide and find them.

Scavenger Hunt– Be it beach, woodland or a back garden hunt, Pinterest has one for most occasions, or alternatively make your own hunt up.  I tend to give the kids egg boxes to collect their treasures in.

Make a Kids Terrarium– Using plastic or glass jars to create a little succulent home. You can even pop in mini toy dinosaurs.  The kids get to learn how to care for a plant for the holidays, plus I would be happy to display these in our home.

Whats the time Mr Wolf – We love to play hide-n-seek and have just recently started to play this game to help introduce counting and time for the little ones.

Shapes in the Clouds– Take 5 with your kids to lie down and look up at the sky!

Go fly a kite– I’m sure August will throw up some wind at some point to go on a kite adventure.  If wanting to kill more time, get them to make the kite first.

Paper Aeroplanes– On a flying theme, you can get some great paper aeroplane books or just go old school and make your own.  You can then make a landing pad to aim your planes at.

Bouncing to space or leaping frogs! If you don’t have a space hopper in your garden then curl up and let your kids leapfrog over you!

Hopscotch Some cheap outdoor chalks / waterproof paint on the patio and a couple of sticks make for a good old fashioned game.

Frisbee- We recently invested in an aerobie. It really does make for a fun game for all.

Ice Craft– Freeze some of their favourite toys in water using moulds such as plastic Easter eggs or yoghurt pots. Let them make their own ice cubes using mint leaves and fruit.  Or even make boats out of ice and watch them melt slowly on water.  There is plenty they can excavate out of ice or find some simple science ice experiments.

Bubbles – Grab some wands and bubble blowers and see who can make the biggest, smallest and oddest shape bubbles.

D.I.Y Pitta Pizza pockets- My fussy eater has some great ideas for kids to be involved in cooking.

Swim outside- Be it a paddling pool, Local lido swimming pool or a wild swim.  You just can’t beat swimming al fresco.  For wild swimming spots, see here for locations local to you.   Wild Swimming Alternatively get the sprinkler out or if it’s a wet August get puddle jumping!

Pitch a Tent in your Back Garden– We do this all the time as the kids love finding shade in there or just playing camping.  You could even have a movie night in there or camp out for the night.

Get into Character– Whatever your Child’s favourite book/film is get into character for it.  Be it Paddington whilst eating marmalade sandwiches or Marmalade cake, Peter Rabbit whilst having a picnic of fun crudités and dips,  or Harry Potter with chocolate breadstick wands or Star Wars with wookie cookies!  Get creative with them in the preparing of it all and then enjoy some chill time whilst they watch the film or listen to the audio book.  You could even dresss up and/or call it their favourite characters Birthday celebratory day!

Make a Volcano– Whether it’s a sand, mud or crazy science experiment there are many ways mostly messy ways to create volcanos.

Go to a Museum –Always good to have one or two educational visits.

Paint Nails/ Faces/Tattoos – We really don’t often allow our children tattoos (obviously the fake glittery kind)  as Dougie isn’t keen on the idea.  That said it’s the summer holidays and so there is no going to school with anything that’s against regulations.  Go for face painting and let the older ones help decorate their siblings (if you can trust them).

Play Ball Games – With Wimbledon happening try getting balls and racquets out. We have just put a badminton net up and the kids have been practicing how to get the shuttlecock over the net.  Or just play a good old game of catch.

Visit a National Trust Place – We will be ticking a few off with our membership. Plus they have great free activities running in the holidays.

Talent Show– What kids don’t like a challenge.  Get them practicing their singing, instrumental, gymnastic, juggling and magic skills etc.

Bear Hunt- Get out to some local woods and have a Bear or Gruffalo hunt.  Take a copy of your favourite story and read it and get looking for that elusive bear/gruffalo!  

Pet sit- My Kids love nothing more than looking after neighbours / friends chickens, dogs cats, tortoises, lizards, fish etc. It’s good for them to have a little purpose in the holidays and get to help care for another living thing.

Make an obstacle course in the Garden – Floor is LAVA! Using garden toys or do it in your local park.

All that there is left to add is, I hope that all the Mummy, Daddy, Grandparent or carers get to have some relaxation in between crafting, water play and noise!


Surrey Mama

11 responses to “Easy Activities To Do With Kids This Summer!”

  1. rosiedoal says:

    Some lovely tips here on how to make the most of the summer without spending a fortune! Thanks x #CoolMumClub

  2. Some lovely ideas here – I like the idea of curling up in a ball and being something to leapfrog over lol! And the ice craft sounds cool we’ll have to give that a go. Thanks for linking up with #coolmumclub Charlotte…the countdown is most definitely on! xx

  3. Love all of these ideas! Most of them are no-cost which is my favorite kind of activity! Thanks for sharing with #ThursdayTeam

  4. Leah says:

    There are some great ideas here. My 2 are younger than school age, but I know my 2 year old would love some of them. #ThursdayTeam

  5. Some great ideas, some we have already done and some we will have to do! #ThursdayTeam

  6. Emma T says:

    We love frisbee – well, aerobie. My frisbee skills are now terrible! Some great ideas here #coolmumclub

  7. These are really great ideas. I’m going to be investing in some chalks so the girls can play hopscotch and draw outside. And we will also be ticking off lots of National Trust visits this summer. Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam

  8. What a delightful list for keeping them busy #ThursdayTeam

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