Elf on the Shelf Ideas and our Elf tradition!

November 30, 2017

As November is racing on, my mind is constantly drifting to Christmas prep and for us there is no getting away from the arrival of the elf.  We added this into our Christmas traditions a few years ago  living in Germany.  We had not an elf but a snowman called Wilbur who would get up to slightly impish activities whilst we were  all asleep at night. Some people have commented that why would an elf be naughty in your house when you’re trying to teach your kids how to behave nicely. Well it’s just a bit of fun, and I have alway liked children to have an impish personality at times plus we try throw in several messages about good and bad behaviour, sharing and kindness from the elf for the children to think about and reflect on.

We have now retired Wilbur and have the lovely Pickles (can’t remember his full formal elf name), he made his entrance to our home 2 years ago, and then Peppermint (his somewhat naughty sister) arrived last year after Pickles went awol, resulting in a panic and then a realisation that he hadn’t gone missing in elf action and thus resulting in double elf trouble!

Anyway I’m going to share with you some ideas  that the elves have used in the past mostly quite late at night when they’ve just realised its bedtime! The following pictures are past photos from a time when I didn’t document our lives for a blog or YT channel so these were photos that aren’t of high quality. I will this year add to my album and at least switch on some lights to capture the elf a bit better!

Breakfast with an elf

North Pole Breakfast

The elf door is constructed out of a wooden very cheap plain door from eBay which is then painted by myself. For a few days leading up to the 1st of December this door is covered over by wrapping paper and construction tape and so there is much excitement that something is going to happen and appear soon.

Then on the 1st the elf door is revealed! We don’t supply our children with lots of elf gifts they get the odd little reward such as chocolate. We do however celebrate the 1st with a North Pole breakfast with mini crackers, festive plates, napkins and a nice fun breakfast. This particular year the cereal box was so traditional I couldn’t resist it and they had giant crumpets for a treat.

a selection of elf antics

T.L – A musical rendition of a Christmas carol with fairy lights

T.R – Wilbur was under siege!

B.L – our Ikea igloo tent is handy for polar hang outs.

B.R Camp out – with reading books as tents and LED tea lights as campfire!

a selection of elf antics

T.L -Rudolph noses appeared on everyone overnight!

T.R – Horse riding, elf style!

B.L – spray a message in snow spray on a mirror.

B.R – Pickles wanted a sleepover – quick and easy one!

the elf being naughty

T.L A huddle on the stairs with friends

T.R A message about sibling team work

M.L- A message about fighting over the advent calendar

BR – Strictly come dancing roll with judges scores

B.L – The elves had a party!

Teddy writing a letter

Write down well done messages of positive behaviour and achievements.

I would love to hear if you participate in elf on the shelf or anything similar and if you’re a big kid like myself! If you do take part what elf antics can you recommend? This year we’re taking part in elf on the shelf as our 4 year old especially will love it!

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  1. Ah, the elf on the shelf….we aren’t a household of partakers, but I think I love to hate other peoples elves on shelves! There are some pretty funny and cute set ups out there, and I salute you all who have the time and inclination to do it! #MustTryHarder 😉
    Thanks so much for linking to #coolmumclub

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