Family Life with Living Arrows 3/52

January 20, 2020

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil GibranFamily life has been a real mix this week.  We have had a Winter bug/man flu that hit Dougie most of the week and now little Flo.  We have had a good parents evening for Finlay, a short walk to enjoy the weekend Winter sunshine, a quick trip to York railway museum and then we also squeezed in a few crafty projects.   When I list all this I realise this is why the week has gone quickly! A girl enjoying family life holding a craft canvas up whilst sat cross legged on the floor

I do enjoy that January allows us time to do a few indoor crafts that we have had on our to do list.  A boy holding up a sew your own alien whilst smiling Teddy really enjoyed sitting down and learning to sew with me, he’s been asking to learn for a while now.  I’m just not sure that I’m the best to show him!   Daisy is always is in her element completing anything crafty and especially as it’s personalised to her!

family life for a toddler being carried in a backpack around the City Despite Flo being under the weather we decided to pop her in the backpack and enjoy some fresh air.  We decided to brave walking the City walls now Teddy can walk that bit further, but when we got there they were unexpectedly closed due to the frosty weather.  So a quick vote from the children and we had a short and sweet visit to the railway museum.   two boys sat in a train carriage posing for a photo They really enjoy going into the different carriages around the museum.  This picture looks like we’re shipping Daisy off to Hogwarts with her little mascot Florence.two girls sat on a luggage wagon in the railway museum

I’m sat typing this post whilst watching Moana with a cuddly Florence.  I’m making the most of an easy slow cooker beef casserole dinner.  Although after dinner I’m sure I will be running around getting everything organised for School.  We are now well and truly back into term time family life.

Living Arrows

2 responses to “Family Life with Living Arrows 3/52”

  1. amy mighalls says:

    They look so loud of their makes! Looks like you had a lovely week, hope everyone is feeling better now.

  2. Donna says:

    It definitely sounds like a mixed bag of a week! I hope they’re all feeling better now x

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