Family Life with Living Arrows 8/52

February 24, 2020

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Kahlil Gibran.  Family life this week has been really good.  We started the week off still in London and ticked lots of sights off in Teddy’s eye spy book. It was so sweet to see him clutching his book and pen and getting all excited when he found another landmark.  

We were very fortunate to time it right to see the guards practicing in Hyde Park.  We are never far away from military life!  After a lovely walk through the park and through marble arch we then by chance happened to arrive at Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard.  Spending lots of time here meant that we missed out on having time to visit the Tower of London but we were all pleased that we got to witness the guards in action.  

The rest of the week we spent catching up with friends and chilling out as we were all tired after a busy weekend.  Highlights have been lazy mornings, lego builds, daytime baths, having milkshakes and seeing Dr Doolittle at the cinema with our Christmas gift voucher.


Lastly we all enjoyed having a slow Sunday where Teddy came up with the idea of throwing a Tiger who came to tea party for Florence.  We all ate sandwiches and scones with teacups all around us, it was a very sweet idea.  

We then sat and watched the hail come down before we headed out for some fresh air and a brief glimpse of the sun and ran them around at our local National Trust property.  I’m not sure any of us want to go back to reality this week but we are all looking forward to getting another little break away very soon.

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Living Arrows

3 responses to “Family Life with Living Arrows 8/52”

  1. Donna says:

    That afternoon tea looks wonderful – and such a nice photo of all four together too x

  2. I was watching your London stories and it looked like a great break and the idea of the Tiger that came to tea. Very clever and very thoughtful x

  3. Maria says:

    Lovely photo of the four of them together – they looked to relaxed and happy! Love the Tiger Who Came To Tea idea too! #LivingArrows

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