Florence’s Spring Wardrobe 2018

April 12, 2018

You may think that Florence being the fourth baby would have an extensive wardrobe of hand me downs, well unfortunately after Teddy who we thought would be our last was born we offloaded the majority of baby and toddler clothes to friends and charity. So it certainly gives me an excuse to source brand new and good quality seconds for my little munchkin, and I have always enjoyed shopping for kids clothing.

This spring we have a few commitments budget wise, so I wanted to stick to a budget for Florence.  With this in mind I firstly went through (properly) her Winter wardrobe to see what I could keep for these chillier spring days. several cardigans, long sleeved tops, necker bibs and socks were all good for the next few months,   I also remembered to check what I had stashed for the next season.  With a clear idea of what she needed I could then make decisions on what I wanted to purchase for spring going into summer.

Here are the key staples that I purchased for Flo.  If you want a detailed rundown of what I bought and how I kept the costs down on this shop, then check out my video for more detail.

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