How we kept 30 days wild 2019 really simple

June 27, 2019

A worm in a very small child’s hand We have been joining in with 30 days wild 2019.  If you’re not familiar with this then it’s a month long nature challenge in June to inspire you with ideas and help from Wildlife Trust. 

A bee feeding on a purple flowerAt the start of the month you can download or be sent a 30 days wild pack tailored for individuals, families, nurseries, schools, care homes and other organisations to take part in.   From our 30 days wild pack we stuck our downloaded wall planner on our kitchen door this is a great reminder for us to keep track of what we have done.  The planner also really inspired our 5 year old to do a bit of writing every few days and fill it out, this in itself was great to see, he has even doodled a few illustrations on there.A tiny snail on a wall

If you’re worried that 30 days wild is a bit too much to commit to then the key is to keep it simple.  There of course has been plenty of days over the past few years of taking part where we have have missed the odd day.  A child pointing at a bug hotel There are days where we may spot or do more than one wild thing and that to me makes up for any missed days.  The key to the challenge for my busy family of 6 is to keep it simple, especially on weekdays and busy days. If you haven’t been outdoors together for long enough then it could be as simple as reading a nature book at bedtime, putting on a wildlife programme or watching an animation like the Very Hungry Caterpillar when it’s pouring with rain outside.

Nibbles fruit from a tree in a child’s hand

Some of the things we have been doing this 30 Days of Wild

As I said we have very much kept it simple.

So you can see from all of the above we have kept 30 days wild really simple this year and yet the children were just as excited about what we have done and learnt. We also have our nature journal to add to now throughout the year as we focus more on specific areas of nature as and when we have more time. It will be fun to continue filling in over the Summer Holidays.






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