Garden Days

June 12, 2018

This half term has been glorious, and so we haven’t strayed much further than our garden. We had friends over to play and then just a couple of activities; swimming, farm, pond dipping at our local National Trust and Fin spent two 3-hour sessions at his parkour club and came back worn out.
Highlights for me were seeing the kids handle newts and tadpoles and ask the NT volunteers lots of questions. I was on my own with all 4 and we had a day out with hardly a cross word, sibling squabble and all in all I looked like I had it all under control, unlike the day before!

Pond dipping and handling the amphibians was a perfect start to 30 days wild. Are you taking part in 30 days wild?

We then finished the week off with a lovely trip to the beach. It was a foggy start, so the beach was lovely and quiet. They decided to do some yoga, after Florence kept doing the downward dog. Fin was missing as he was on the hunt for fossils!

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  1. Seren says:

    Wow…it looks like you had a great weekend. I too enjoy spending weekends on beaches, particularly when they are foggy.

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