Happy New Year with Living Arrows 1/52 2021

January 4, 2021

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Happy New Year from our home to yours! We have had a lovely week between Christmas and New Year. I find that once Christmas Day is over I tend to relax and enjoy being able to have lazy PJ mornings, walks and play games together.

Happy New Year with a photo of a family of 6 and a dog in front of a frozen lake

We enjoyed some frosty walks with Rusty this past week. We went to Castle Howard on New Year’s Eve and the lake was frozen solid. The kids loved throwing ice across the Lake to see how far it would get.

a young boy looking happy on a sledge

The kids were desperate for some snow this week, especially Teddy and Flo who can’t really remember playing in it. We did get a tiny flurry on the 2nd of January and so we got straight outside to enjoy it before it disappeared again. We pulled them on the sledge despite the fact you could hear the gravel crunching underneath; their happy faces made it worth the potential sledge damage!

a young girl smiling in the snow

I’m writing this late on Sunday evening after just receiving confirmation that our primary school will open tomorrow as planned. It all seems so uncertain going forward with some areas homeschooling and others not. Probably most likely another National Lockdown on the cards. I think writing these weekly Living Arrows posts will help remind me of all the little things that are keeping us happy.

Living Arrows 52/52 2020

10 responses to “Happy New Year with Living Arrows 1/52 2021”

  1. Donna says:

    I’m so envious of your snow – we haven’t had any at all! x

  2. We also went to school on Monday for one day!!! I am so jealous you got snow. The boys were desperate and we did not get a single flake. Looks like they had a wonderful time. Lets hope we get some more snow days after all we all need a break from homeschool lol! xxx

  3. Sarah says:

    Glad to hear you managed to enjoy the snow – did you have any more this week? It’s strange reading these posts from last week how dramatically everything has changed in just a few days. I hope you’re coping OK with having everyone at home again, and that it isn’t for as long this time!

  4. We had a small flurry of snow too. The boys loved it but unfortunately not enough to make a snowman but they still tried.


  5. So true that this link up keeps us actively looking for positive things. It seems the little things are all we have at the moment so let’s just focus on those and enjoy them!

    Katrina | ChatterFox

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